• Introduction: "Oh, hello. You're new to town, aren't you? I'm Angelo. It's really nice to meet you."
  • Morning: "Yawn.... Oh, good morning. I'm always sleepy in the morning. I don't really wake up until noon."
  • Afternoon: "Hello. How are you doing?"


  • In his house: "Heh, heh. Oh, that statue? It's a statue of Felix that I'm working on. What do you think so far?"
  • During a snowstorm: "Look at all the snow... A little snow is pretty, but storms like this kind of scare me."
  • During a typhoon: "This weather really gets me down. Tomorrow can't come soon enough..."
  • After a typhoon/snowstorm: "That was some storm! I feel so lazy on stormy days. I just want to stay in bed all day."
  • Shopping at the bazaar: "What kind of bargains will I find today? The bazaar is always so exciting!"
  • Standing by river near your farm: "I feel at peace when I draw here. This might be my favorite spot in town."
  • Standing by river at his house: "Something about this spot makes me feel so relaxed."
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Wow. What a beautiful feather!"
  • After you get married: "You seem really happy these days, ___. Marriage must be nice. I want to get married someday."


  • Favorite: "Oh, Omelet Rice! Thank you very much, ____! It's my favorite!"
  • Loved: "Wow! Thank you very much."
  • Horror: "Oh, I don't even want to look at this. I'm a little disappointed that you would give this to me."
  • Birthday Gift: "Oh, you remembered my birthday! I'm so happy! Thank you very much."
  • When given a rotten item/tool: "Oh. You shouldn't give that away."
  • When offered multiple gifts: "Thank you very much. But I couldn't accept another gift today."
  • Rejects a gift: "I'm sorry... I can't accept this."

Heart Lines

Note: Angelo's heart lines can be seen while he is in the kitchen of his home (usually late at night).

  • Black Heart:
  • Purple Heart:
  • Blue Heart:
  • Green Heart: "You're always working hard. Seeing you inspires me to work a little harder too."
  • Yellow Heart: "You're a really easy person to talk to, ____."
  • Orange Heart: "I'm so glad that you came to Zephyr Town. I'm always happy to see you!"
  • Red Heart: "Oh, ____! Talking to you always inspires me. You're my muse!"


  • Before a festival starts: "This is such a fun festival!"
  • You win: "Wow! I'm so happy for you!"
  • You lose: "Hmmm. Well, you'll do better next time."

Flower Festival:

  • When given a flower: "Oh, for the Flower Festival? Thank you very much."
  • "Flowers are a nice way to show someone that you appreciate them."

Harmony Day:

  • Boys give chocolates to girls: "____, can I speak with you? It's Harmony Day. So I got this gift for you, ____. Well, I'm sure that you're busy, ____. I'll see you around!"
  • Boys give chocolates to girls (after you've given a gift in Winter): "___, can I speak with you? You gave me a wonderful Winter Harmony Day gift. Today, it's my turn to give something to you! Well, I'm sure that you're busy, ___. I'll see you around!"
  • Girls give chocolate to boys: "Wow, is this for Harmony Day? This is great! Thank you very much, ___."
  • Girls give chocolate to boys (after you are married to someone else): "Oh, Harmony Day chocolate? Thank you! I'm glad marriage hasn't changed you. "

Tea/Wine Festival:

  • "The food was really good today."

Starry Night Festival:

  • He invites you: "Hey, ___, the Starry Night Festival is tomorrow. Would you like to go with me?"
  • You decline: "I see... I'm a little disappointed..."
  • You accept: "Wow, that's great! Let's meet at the hotel around 8 PM tomorrow. I can't wait!"