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This article is about Angie, a character from Animal Parade. You may be looking for Angie, a character from Tree of Tranquility.

Angie (アンジェ Anje, lit. Ange) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. She is the daughter of Julius and Candace if they married.

Angie is a very quiet and reserved child. She shares Julius' unique taste in fashion and has a hobby for fishing.[1]

Although shy, she does have a little of her father's confidence and isn't a perfect replica of Candace. She seems very grown up, given her age.

Angie's Birth

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Angie (Birth)"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Angie (Birth)"

In order for Angie to appear in game, Julius and Candace must get married. After they are together, you will receive a letter in the mail two weeks later from Julius and Candace.[2] They've announced that they've had a baby girl, and they'd like you to come and visit.

Go to Julius' house after reading the letter to trigger the cut scene in which Julius and Candace show you their beautiful bundle of joy. As a newborn baby, the player cannot interact with Angie. The player will not be able to do anything with Angie until she is grown up. If the player does not visit Julius' house, you will not be able to see Angie in game until one does.

(NOTE: She will NOT exist in game if You have both Candace and Julius unmarried or have married either of the two.)

Angie (Grown Up)

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Julius & Candace - Angie (Grown)"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Julius & Candace - Angie (Grown)"

After you've visited Julius and Candace in their home and been introduced to the infant Angie, you will receive another letter in your mailbox. This one will come two weeks after meeting her.[3] Julius and Candace are going to take their daughter for photos, now that she is grown up.

Go to Simon's Photography Studio any time after getting the second letter, at a time when the store is open. Here, You will see Julius and Candace, as well as Angie. Angie will introduce herself, and from this point on You can socialize with Angie. You will be able to interact with her like any other villager, and befriend her.

Like other Rival Children, Angie cannot get any older in game.


Gift Preferences
Loved All Juices, Blackberry Jam, Raspberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Cherry Pie, Shining Honey
Liked All Flowers, Purple Herb, Cherry Shell, Banana, Shining Silk Yarn, Shining Egg, Shining Orange, Shining Cherry, Shining Milk, Pearl, Fugue Mushroom, Pineapple Juice, Shining Perfume, Green Bell Flower
Disliked Kimchi, Empty Cans, Boots, Junk, Failed Dishes, Algae, Empty Bottle, Spicy Seafood Soup, Swim Trunks


Learning About the Earth

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Studying With Angie"

Harvest Moon Animal Parade "Studying With Angie"

When you have either Angie or Vivian at 2 hearts or more, visit the school. To trigger the event, walk to the left hand side of the classroom.[5]

If you trigger this event with Angie and not Vivian, Angie will be reading a book about the planet. She will tell your child (fascinated by Angie's intelligence) how the earth looks blue because it's 70% water! Angie says it's easy to learn.

The event will be different if you see it with Vivian. The event can be triggered in between 8AM and 5PM on days when the school is open.