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Birthday Varies
Family Julius (Father)
Candace (Mother)
Shelly (Great Grandmother)
Luna (Aunt) Kevin(potential uncle) Your Child(potential cousin)
Unlock By Julius & Candace get married
Appearances ToT, AP
This article is about Angie, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Angie, a character from Animal Parade.

Angie is the child of Julius and Candace in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

Should you witness all three rival heart events between Julius and Candace, they will marry, and a month later, they will have Angie. Angie will be fully grown another season later.

Angie inherits qualities of both her parents. She looks like her father but acts like her mother. She really wants to play outside instead of sewing all day. She is often found reading or walking around with Van.



  • Jams
  • Strawberries
  • Herbal Tea

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