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Aurelia (HoLV)
Birthday Fall 5th
Height 5' 2" (158cm)[1]
Weight 122 lbs
Event Path The Tale of the Blue Bird
Appearances HoLV
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"Came to Leaf Valley along with Chester. She lived a wild life before meeting Chester and settling down."

Aurelia (オーレリア Ōreria)[2] is an eligible bachelorette in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

Along with Chester, Aurelia will move in the valley midst Spring during your first year. Out of all the bachelorettes, she seems to have more of a wild side, which she has definitely suppressed since moving to the valley.


Gift Preferences
Loved Lumber
Liked Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Mushrooms, Red Herbs, Eggs, Milk, Fish, Ore, Precious Ore, Gemstones, Jeweled Accessories, Seasonings, Vegetables/Portable/Dairy/Egg Cooking, Dairy Products, Seafood, Dessert, Juice, Honey, Failed Dishes
Disliked Grass, Scrap Metal


Mondays and Wednedays
6am - 10am Church
10am - 1pm Walking in the Valley
1pm - 3pm Mountain
3pm - 4pm Walking in Valley
5pm - 7pm Lake
7pm - 9pm Church
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
6am - 7am Church
8am - 4pm Lake
4pm - 5pm Walking in the Valley
5pm - 6pm Grocery Store
6pm - 7pm Walking in Valley
6pm - 8pm Walking in the Valley
8pm - 9pm Church
Saturday & Sunday
6am - 11am Church
11am - 1pm Walking in Valley
1pm - 4pm Plaza
4pm - 6pm Walking in Valley
6pm - 9pm Church
Monday - Sunday (Raining)
6am - 9pm Church

Event Path #  7: The Tale of the Blue Bird

  • Type of Event Path: Nature Preserve
  • Main Character: Aurelia

   One of the many nature preserves of the game. The event involves hearing a ocarina upon arriving at the cafe area. Apparently, the music is able to attract the attention of the rare Blue bird, which is rumored to bring happiness to anyone who lays their eyes on it. Your job is to put on the best performance of your life to attract it to the valley. Can it be done?

7-1: Sound of the Ocarina

  • When: Year 1, Summer 16th-19th or 21st (cloudy or clear)
  • Where: Cafe Area
  • Requirements: Aurelia must have 20+FP
  • Upon entering the area, Wallace approaches you to talk to you about the music playing. He explains that it's coming from an ocarina around Mallard Lake, however, whenever he goes there, no one is around. He encourages you to give it a try for fun and it also teach your dog tricks!


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