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Red Bell of Fire

The Harvest Sprite linked to this bell is Alan.

Return to the 10th floor of Garmon Lower Mines after you've met up with the Goddess and you'll see that Owen has destroyed the rock. Walk through the path to discover the red bell pedestal, but the bell is missing! Go to the surface and talk to Ramsey, go outside and walk around to, it may take a few days, but a cut-scene should trigger. After the cut-scene go in the blacksmiths shop and Ramsey will state he needs the following:

  • Iron Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Gold Ore

After you get them, bring them back to him and you will get the bell and you may hang it on it's pedestal.

Yellow Bell of Earth

The Harvest Sprite linked to this bell is Collin.

You can find the Yellow Bell if you walk from your farm to the beach in your Farmland, just south of the bridge that leads to the Flute Fields. The two of you spot the bell half-buried in sand. Unfortunately Collin is so weak that he can't be of much help, take the bell to the Harvest Goddess, she'll state you need to bathe the bell in moonlight on the moon stones. After that you need to put the bell on it's pedestal, but Ruth won't open it until you give her 10 of the following:

  • Good Lettuce
  • Good Tomato
  • Good Pumpkin
  • Good Buckwheat

Note: this may be a higher quality crop.

Blue Bell of Water

The Harvest Sprite linked to this bell is Ben.

Green Bell of Wind

The Harvest Sprite linked to this bell is Daren.

First you will need to go to the top floor of the windmill at Horn Ranch, you'll then need to talk to Hanna, Cain, and Dalr to Unlock the forest, after wandering around a while you should stumble upon the witches hut, but she'll be a frog! Go to town and talk to the Wizard and he'll have you get the following three items:

  • Perfect Butter
  • Good Cornmeal
  • Hibiscus

After you get the items, bring then to the wizard so you can reverse the spell and get the green bell from the witch.

Purple Bell of Heart

The Harvest Sprite linked to this bell is Edge.

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