Other Lines

  • "Pop Hank in the shop? Ask Ellen about him. I don't want to chit-chat."
  • When shown your baby: "I have a bit of trouble with kids."


  • Loves Line: "Is it okay for me to have it? Thank you. I like it." 
  • Likes Line: "I like this, but you don't have to give me stuff pointlessly."
  • Neutral Line: "...Thank you."
  • Dislikes Line: "Is this harassment?"

Heart Lines

  • 0 heart line: "You can't raise animals without a barn. If you're going to raise chickens, buy a coop."
  • 1 heart line: "Forgetting to feed chickens and cows leave you without eggs and milk."
  • 2 heart line: " On nice days, take the animals out for gazing. But let the chickens back in the coop or they won't lay eggs."
  • 3 heart line: "Try and stay with the dogs as much as you can. They get lonely. Oh, and don't feed them any onions."
  • 4 heart line: ???
  • 5 heart line: "There's no limit to people's desire. When they get one thing they start wanting the next new thing. I think that's why we're able to hang tough..."
  • 6 heart line: "I think having goals in life is important. But I don't know about being swayed by those goals."
  • 7 heart line: "I plan to make the ranch bigger and raise many animals. Your farm won't stand a chance."
  • 8 heart line: "You've got quite a bit of spirit. At first I thought you'd leave right away, but you surprised me."
  • 8 heart line/male character: "Aren't you going to be at a good age for marriage pretty soon? Go on the attack with a Blue Feather"
  • 9-10 heart line: "Are you...having some kind of trouble? I'd like to be of some help. I find myself always thinking about you."
  • 9-10 heart line/male character: "There's a person I want to watch over though i get uneasy when I see this person.It's a complex feeling. I'm bad off for not having immunity to this."
  • Last line: "Don't overdo it and collapse."
  • If married to someone: "After marriage, don't stay out late or loaf about. No sympathy if you get disliked."

Marriage Lines

  • Accepted Proposal: "Um, hey that's... usually from a man. Here I was going to give one to you. But this isn't a bad thing. Th-thank you."
  • After marriage: "It's a pleasure. For now, let me decide on what to call you. What's good? _____ ... hmm? Well, I'll get used to it eventually."
  • Line 1: "From here on out, let's do our best together."
  • Line 2: "I think there'll be things we don't get used to. But if we do our best, things will work out."
  • Line 3: "Two people who until now lived apart are living together. All kinds of problems will probably come up."
  • Parting Line: "Don't overdo it and make me worry."


  • Rainy day below 5 hearts: "Lousy rain."
  • Rainy day at least 5 hearts: "Animals really hate getting wet by the rain. No matter what, never leave them outside."

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