This article is about Bo, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Bo, a character from Animal Parade.

Bo is a villager in Tree of Tranquility.

He's is a friendly young boy who works at the Carpentry Shop as Dale's apprentice. He admires Luke's skills and will caution you against any attempt to try to match his achievements until you have a higher level of experience.

You'll often find Bo cutting trees outsie Praline Forest or working in the yard of the Carpentry Shop. Bo is involved in the event that creates a shortcut between the Caramel River District and the Ganache Mine District.

He has a stall at the Art Festival each year where he sells items of furniture in designs not usually available at the Carpentry Shop or General Store. He will confess rather wistfully that he enjoys serving customers.

When you first meet him he is with Luke in the Paraline Forest. He is usually right outside of Dale's Carpentry, cutting wood.


  • "Good morning."
  • "It's your birthday, ___? Happy birthday!"
  • "You seem to be doing well."
  • "On the beach, there's some firewood everyone can use to build a fire. You can't use it on rainy or snow days, though. Please feel free to try it out." 
  • "Don't try to collect too much lumber during the day. It takes strength to wield an axe, and, if you overdo it, you might accidentally pass out!"
  • "I heard Dr. Jin and Anissa got married. Their day-to-day life will probably be very serious."
  • "I heard Calvin and Phoebe got married. Their day-to-day lives will probably be very fun!"
  • "I heard Toby and Renee got married. Their day-to-day life will probably be very relaxing."


  • Bo and Luke could be considered a homage of some kind to the Dukes of Hazzard, where the two main characters - Bo and Luke Duke - both shared the ownership of the race car the General Lee, similar to how both Bo and Luke share the Title of Apprentice.
  • Bo is often treated as Luke's younger brother (the later being 24, the former being 12), but this has never actually been confirmed.