Birthday Summer 1
Height 6'5(195 cm)
Weight 230 lbs (105 kg)
Family Tim (Younger Brother)
Event Path The Tale of the Horse Champion
Appearances HoLV, STH, MM
This article is about Bob, a character from Hero of Leaf Valley. You may be looking for Bob, a character from Save the Homeland or for Bob from Magical Melody.

"Owner of Starling Ranch. He may look tough but he's very earnest and kind hearted. Knows a lot about animals."

Bob (カザン, Kazan) is a character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

He may look tough and bossy but deep inside, he has a really good heart. He is Tim's big brother and is your rival when it comes to Gwen. He treats his animals as if they were his own family.

Bob manages and works at his Starling Ranch. At his store, you can buy the animals you'll need in raising your farm's barn and poultry. Chickens and cows are available and even horses but only available during Spring in Year 1. He's already experienced in taking care of animals that's why he can be a good source of advice when it comes to raising livestock. He spends most of his time at his ranch.

Bob's also a good horse racing enthusiast and he proves this in his event path where he challenges you to a race you'll never forget!


Gift Preferences
Loved Golden Egg, Cake, Gold Milk, Dessert, Honey
Liked Vegetables, Fruits, Fodder, Red Herbs, Eggs, Milk, Fish, Vegetable Cooking, Portable Cooking, Dairy Cooking, Seafood, Dessert, Juice
Neutral Flowers, Mushrooms, Lumber, Ore, Precious Ore, Gemstones, Jeweled Accessories, Seasonings, Egg Cooking, Dairy Products

Starling Ranch/Bob's Ranch Shop

  • Working hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Day off: Thursday
  • Part-time Work: Yes

For Sale

Item Price Condition
Chicken Feed 10G N/A
Fodder 20G N/A
Animal Medicine 500G N/A
Chicken 500G N/A
Miracle Potion (Cow) 1500G N/A
Baby Cow 2500G N/A
Horse 5000G N/A
Cookie 250G Complete year 3 event with Bob
Cake 300G Complete year 3 event with Bob

Items Wanted

Item Price Season Bought
Red Herb 20G All
Alfalfa Sprouts 40G All
Mineral Alfalfa Sprouts 60G All
Chicken 300G All
Adult Cow 3000G All
Mineral Crystal 40G Spring
Alfalfa Sprouts 50G Spring

Event Path # 13: The Tale of the Horse Champion

  • Type of Event Path: Tourist Spot
  • Main Character: Bob

     Bob obviously loves animals. He raises them like they were his own family. He have always dreamed of winning the seasonal horse race festivals. By doing so, Leaf Valley would be famous because of its horses and Funland would have to cancel its construction.

    Make sure to look after your horse and work part-time at Bob's ranch store when you have the chance to raise his friendship level. As far as the horse races in this event go, all the tracks are long distance tracks.

  • Note: You should at least continue this path until event 13-2 because you have the chance to get a free horse from Bob!

===13-1: Question about the Ranch===
  • When: Year 1, Spring 2nd to 30th (clear or cloudy)
  • Where: Starling Ranch
  • Requirements: Do his part-time jobs
  • Do his part-time job for Bob at his ranch and afterwards, say "yes".

===13-2: Get a Horse===
  • When: Year 1, Summer 2nd to 6th (clear or cloudy)
  • Where: When you leave your house
  • Requirements: Bob's FP must be at least 30, your total FP with the animals at Bob's Ranch must be at least 40, and you haven't bought yet a horse from him.
  • This is a very important event and is recommended for everyone playing the game because Bob can give you a free horse (assuming you haven't already bought one)! Bob offers to give you a horse, and the one you get is determined by the one that you've paid the most attention to.

===13-3: The Horse's Condition===
  • When: Year 1, Summer 12th to 16th (clear or cloudy)
  • Where: When you leave your house
  • Requirements: Bob's FP must be at least 30, your Horse's FP must be at least 30
  • Bob and Gwen drop by at your house to pay you and your horse a visit. Bob thinks he would make a great race horse.

===13-4: Invitation to Join the Race===
  • When: Year 1, Fall 15th to 19th (clear or cloudy)
  • Where: When you leave your house
  • Requirements: Bob's FP must be at least 40, your Horse's FP must be at least 51 and is happy.
  • Bob wants to make horse racing a big deal in the Valley. He would love to see you and your horse compete and offers to help you in training your horse.

===13-5: Racing Bob===
  • When: Year 1, Winter 6th to Year 2, Spring 16th (clear or cloudy)
  • Where: When you leave your house
  • Requirements: Bob's FP must be at least 50, and your horse is happy.
  • You get to race against Butterscotch, Bob's horse. The race is long but easy. Just make sure to bring enough herbs with you to keep your horse's stamina up. Green herbs would be okay!

===13-6: Racing Gwen===
  • When: Anytime after you've seen event 13-5
  • Where: When you leave your house
  • Requirements: You have beaten Bob during your first race (event 13-5)
  • Now it's time for Gwen to race you with her horse, Millie. This race could be a little tougher than Bob's.

===13-7: Racing Mechanical Horse 'full throttle'===
  • When: Year 2, Spring 22nd
  • Where: Horse Race Track
  • Requirements: You have seen 13-4, register for the grass race.
  • Charles and his mechanical horse have registered for the horse race along with you, Gwen, and Bob. His 'full throttle' mecha horse doesn't function so well.

===13-8: Racing Mechanical Horse 'super-thouroughbred'===
  • When: Year 2, Spring 23rd to 27th (clear or cloudy)
  • Where: When you leave your house
  • Requirements: You've completed event 13-7
  • Charles upgraded his horse to the 'super-thouroughbred' mecha horse and wants to have a rematch. This horse's stats are the same as yours so race hard!

Note: Be sure to save before the day of this event because if you lose the race, you fail the event. You cannot continue any further.

===13-9: The Trial Result===

Note: Here ends Bob's events. You can stop here or you can continue following his other events.

  • When: Year 2, Summer 2nd to 6th
  • Where: Plaza
  • Requirements: Bob's FP must be at least 70, you've beaten the horse in event 13-8
  • Congratulations! The event is now complete and horse racing has become popular in the town!

===13-10: A Toast===
  • When: Year 2, Summer 7th to 11th, 12:00PM to 5:00PM
  • Where: Cafe
  • Requirements: Bob's FP must be at least 80, you saw event 13-9

===13-11: Technology and Talent===
  • When: Year 2, Summer 17th to 20th
  • Where: Starling Ranch Pasture
  • Requirements: Bob's FP must be at least 90, you saw event 13-9

===13-12: Horse Cookies===
  • When: Year 3+, anytime
  • Where: Bob's Ranch Store
  • Requirements: Completed event path 13
  • The Horse Racing Track has gained a great deal of popularity and Bob has decided selling horse cookies and cakes at his Ranch supply store.


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