Birthday Fall 28
Family Tony (Son)

Jimmy (Son)

Appearances TLV, SoM
Gift Preferences
Loved Material Stone, Material Lumber, Potato
Liked Fish, Wool, Eggs
Disliked Fruit

This article is about Brutus, a character from Seeds of Memories. You may be looking for Brutus, a character from The Lost Valley.

Brutus is a villager in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

The father of Tony and Jimmy is a somewhat gruff old man, described in the encyclopedia as a "stubborn but skillful blacksmith." He has a very peculiar speech pattern, but it's not really hard to understand him.

Befriending Brutus will help you unlock the bridge to other areas of your farm. Also go to Brutus' Blacksmith Shop if you want to upgrade your farming tools, enlarge your barn or build a larger house.


  • The first time you meet Brutus "The Stern Craftsman" memory will be triggered. As a result of this meeting, Brutus will gift you with 10 Bronze ores.
  • Once you score over 2 Musical Notes with Brutus, he will reward your friendship by building 2 bridges for you: one connecting you to the southern part of the property and another to the eastern portion. After this is done, the "Memory of the Bridge" will be triggered. You will also get 5 purple pepper seeds!

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