• Loves line: "What? Is it okay if I have this? You're so generous. Thank you!"
  • Likes line: "Yaay, I love it! Thank you!"
  • Neutral line:
  • Dislikes line:

Heart Lines

  • 0 hearts: "I must work hard and save up money." / "You came all the way our here to run a ranch? Let's both work for our dreams and do our best" (If Cafe Callaway is open)
  • 1 heart: "I want to make my cafe into one where you can relax over a meal of tasty hot tea and rich cake!"
  • 2 hearts: "Various things like money, physical strength and luck are vital to realizing a dream! Well, it also depends on how much funding I can put into it, I guess."
  • 3 hearts: "I have a baby face, so I don't have the look of a cafe owner. Maybe I'll try growing a beard or something."
  • 4 hearts: "When I came here I was told at the boat tollbooth that "Children are half price." I'm used to it but its still a bummer."
  • 5 hearts: "I think making things like meals and sweets is a very simple expression of love. After all, you can't do it well without love."
  • 6 hearts: "The feeling of wanting one to say 'this is tasty' and wanting to make one happy are very similar. It may be arrogant but I want to make people happy with tasty things."
  • 7 hearts: "It becomes difficult to express 'tasty' with the health and mood of the day. There's no way to do it if you're depressed. I need to do better."
  • 8 hearts: "You eat with relish, don't you, _____? I have to fix you all kinds of things ♥"
  • 9/10 hearts: "I always… want to bake cakes for you, _____. I’d like you to eat all different kinds of cakes everyday."
  • 9/10 hearts/male character: "I want to bake cakes putting oodles of time and love into them for a special person. I'm thrilled just imagining it!"

Marriage Lines

  • Accepted Proposal: "What!? For me? Umm, even if I get married I'll keep running the cafe. Is that still okay with you? Okay Then let's be together forever!"
  • After Marriage: "Umm. Wow. We're finally married! What should I call you now? _____, huh? We're living just like a married couple ♥ Well, we are a married couple!"
  • Marriage Line 1: "Eh-heh-heh. It's a pleasure! I'm still embarrassed."
  • Marriage Line 2: "Life won't change that much, but it will be great sure enough!"
  • Marriage Parting Line: "I love you the most in all the world!"
  • Day after pregnancy: "I must get my act together now. I'm a dad after all."


  • Rainy day below ?? hearts: "It'd be trouble if we ran out of water, but I'd still like the rain to stop soon."
  • Rainy day below ?? hearts: ""

Other Lines

  • First meeting: "Hello! Nice to meet you! My name's Carl. My dream is to open a cafe in this village! A cute little store with delicious cakes and teas!"
  • Talking about the first Egg Festival: "Hey, do you know about the festivals around here? There's the Egg Festival, but we can't do it unless enough eggs are collected in the collection box in the town square. It's a lot to ask due to the small number of people in town. We didn't have the Egg Festival again last year.. That's why I brought eggs this year! There's a notice about the festival and the collection box in the town square, so you should have a look and help out. Yeah! Alright then, let's meet at the Egg Festival!"
  • "My goal in life is to build a cute cafe and have everyone eat my tasty cakes!"
  • At the Egg Festival: "If there is a sweet that exploits the flavor of eggs, it has to be pudding! The secret is to add plenty of yellow yolks!"
  • Saying goodbye: "See you later then!" 
  • When shown your baby: "I'm sure your child will become an energetic one, ____♪."

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