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Crops are those fruits and vegetables you plant and harvest in your farm during the year. Crops are seasonal and can only be planted during the season written on the seed description. Otherwise, the plant wont be able to grow and die. There are two categories of crops. One of them is the crop that can be harvested ONLY ONCE, and the other one is the plant that can be harvested numerous times. The plant seed that can be harvested numerous times are more expensive than the seed that can be harvested only once. I recommend to plant them at the beginning of the season so you can harvest more of them.

You can sell the crops and get a lot of profit by buying its seed in the supermarket (or at some events) and planting them. Seeds are very easy to plant. Here are the steps :

  1. Purchase the seeds you want to plant at the supermarket. Those seeds will automatically delivered to your toolbox
  2. Go to back to your farm, and clear 3x3 space (per bag of seed) on your farming area from branches, stones, and weed. You can just grab and relocate them or destroy them using axe (for woods), hammer (for stones) and sickle (for weeds)
  3. Once the space is clear, go get your watering can, hoe, and the seeds you've purchased from your tool box to your inventory
  4. Equip your hoe, and tile the 3x3 space you have cleared before. Then, stand in the square in the middle and scatter the seed. if you don't stand in that square when you scatter your seed, the seed will drop to the untiled soil and gone.
  5. Equip your watering can, and go to the nearest pond or river to refill it. All you have to do is to stand near the river/pond and press the button you always use to do actions. It will refill itself and hold up to 100 squares of tiles of watering.
  6. Go back to your plant, and now you will see seeds on a dry soil. You need to water them everyday and watch it grow. If your watering can goes empty, just refill it again on the pond/river nearby.

Once you completed the steps above, you should go back to your plant everyday and water them as mentioned. If you don't do it, the plant will stop growing and will stay as it is and you cant harvest them until you start watering them again and let it grow.

When your plant is fully grown, you can harvest it and put those crops at the shipping bin, or give them to people as a present. i don't recommend giving crops to people, because they might not like it. Try buying a kitchen set from Gotz, the woodcutter and cook your crops into delicious dishes if you want to give it to the villager, or the bachelor/bachelorettes you like.

About the crops that can be harvested numerous times, there is a gap between harvesting. For example, you have a fully grown cucumber plant which is ready to be harvested. If you harvest your cucumber on monday, your cucumber plants will bear ripe cucumbers again a couple of days after.

When the season ends, you are not able to harvest from that plant anymore. You must remove those plants using a sickle and purchase new seeds from the supermarket. If you are low on money (or need a bunch of coins immediately) i recommend you to plant 'easy crops' that are fast to grow (but can only be harvested once) and cheap such as turnips (spring crop) which grows in 5 days and can be sold for 60g per crop.

Different seeds will give you different crops, with different selling prices. Expensive crops are usually produced from expensive seeds, with longer time to grow. Here are a list of crops you can harvest from season to season.

Seed Name Seed Price Selling Price Days to Grow Days to re-grow Profit per day
Turnip 120g 60g 5 - 84g Supermarket
Potato 150g 80g 8 - 57g Supermarket
Cucumber 200g 60g 10 5 75g Supermarket
Cabbage 500g 250g 15 - 117g Won's Shop
Strawberry 150g 30g 9 2 84g Supermarket*
Toy Flower 300g - 12 - - Won's Shop
Moondrop Flowers 300g - 6 - - Won's Shop^
Grass 500g - 11 7 - Supermarket
Bamboo Shoot - 50g - - 150g Grows in the wild
Blue Grass - 100g - - 200g Grows in the wild

[crop name and price list 1]

*The Strawberry seeds become available after you ship 100 turnips, 100 potatoes, 100 cucumbers and 100 cabbages.

*During the spring if you have at least 15,000 affection with Karen she'll come by and give you some Moondrop seeds. After they bloom Won will start selling Moondrop seeds.

In terms of profit your best investment during the spring in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is to go with cabbage seeds. While you can only plant two of them in the same space in one season, they ultimately bring in the most profit per day. If you're starting off and can't afford cabbage yet then go with turnips. Cucumber's might seem like a good investment in this videogame since they grow back but when you do the math they end up earning you less by the end of the season with the same amount of space than turnips.

Every day during the spring you can find 3 bamboo shoots and 2 blue grasses in the wild. In your first year especially you should collect these every day.

   Seed Price Selling Price Days to Grow Days to Re-Grow Profit Per Day Where to Buy/Find
Onion 150g 80g 8 - 57g Supermarket
Tomato 200g 60g 10 3 107g Supermarket
Corn 300g 100g 15 3 153g Supermarket
Pineapple 1,000g 500g 21 5 250g Won's Shop
Pumpkin 500g 250g 15 - 117g Supermarket*
Pink Cat Flower 200g - 6 - - Won's Shop
Grass 500g - 11 7 - Supermarket
Red Grass - 100g - - 200g Grows in the wild

*The pumpkin seeds become available after you ship 100 onions, 100 tomatos, 100 corn and 100 pineapples.

In terms of making the most profit with your space during the summer in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature you should plant pineapples. Even though they take almost all season to grow and you can only get two harvests out of them their high selling price is enough to make them the best investment in this videogame. If you can't afford them then your next best bet is to go with corn.

Every day during the summer you can find 2 red grasses growing in the wild.

[crop name and price list 1]

   Seed Price Selling Price Days to Grow Days to Re-Grow Profit Per Day Where to Buy/Find
Carrot 300g 120g 8 - 78g Supermarket
Eggplant 120g 80g 10 3 148g Supermarket
Sweet Potato 300g 120g 6 3 282g Supermarket
Green Pepper 150g 40g 8 2 252g Won's Shop
Spinach 200g 80g 6 - 87g Supermarket*
Magic Red Flower 600g - 10 - - Won's Shop
Grass 500g - 11 7 - Supermarket
Apples - 50g - - 150g The tree on your farm
Green Grass - 100g - - 200g Grows in the wild
Wild Grapes - 50g - - 100g Grows in the wild
Mushroom - 70g - - 280g Grows in the wild
Poisonous Mushroom - 100g - - 100g Grows in the wild
Truffle - 500g - - 500g Grows in the wild

*The spinach seeds become available after you ship 100 carrots, 100 eggplants, 100 sweet potatoes and 100 green peppers.

On rare ocassions a red coloured Red Magic Flower (they're usually blue hence the confusion) will grow and this can be sold for 200g.

By far your best investment in the fall of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is to grow sweet potatoes. These aren't too expensive either so you should easily be able to plant a lot.

Every day during the fall in this videogame you can find 3 apples by the tree on your farm, and in the wild you can find 2 green grasses, 4 mushrooms, 1 poisonous mushroom, 2 wild grapes and 1 truffle.

Make sure you grab that truffle every day and you'll get 15,000g by the end of the season.

[crop name and price list 1]

If you don't feel like planting any crops, you can hunt for wild plants on the mountain area. You CAN sell bamboo shoots, blue grass, red grass, green grass, wild grapes, truffle (very rare and expensive), and poisonous mushroom. Even though they are beautiful, wild flowers (which seed can also be purchased or given to you at some situations) such as magic red flower, grass, pink cat flower, toy flower, and moondrop flower CANT BE SOLD. I recommend giving those flowers to the bachelorettes you like, because it gives a lot of affection.

You cant plant anything in winter, except if you have a hothouse.You can plant anything in any season if you have one. So, please consider about having it. If you buy an Orange Cup Fruit seed (which cost 1000G and can be sold for 60G per fruit ) you are only able to plant it inside too. 

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