My LIttle Town
There are many characters that can be unlocked as you develop your farm and shop. Most of them are characters that are appearing from previous games, a few were introduced with this one, and a few are avvailable only through an add-on.

MLS Characters

These are characters that have been introduced with this game but haven't been seen in previous ones and do not require add-on content.

Returning Characters

These are characters brought back from previous games that do not require add-on content.

Add-On Characters

These are characters that require an add-on to unlock.

  • Popuri (Juice Bar Set)
  • Skye (Egg Stand Set)
  • Ann (Ice Cream Set)
  • Cliff (New Friends Set)
  • Leia (New Friends Set)
  • Amanda (New Friends Set)
  • Adam (New Friends Set)
  • Sara (New Friends Set)

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