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Tot chicken


Purchased From: Brownie Ranch, at 2100g each.

Age at Purchase: Adult

Colors: White

Lifespan: Around 3 Years, eats Feed

Happiness : Increased by being talked to, hand-fed, and let outside on sunny days

Products: Eggs, 1 per chicken each day

Mayonaise can be made with the Mayonaise Maker purchased from the General Store for 3000G

Product Prices :

Eggs:  80G / 100G / 120G / 200G
                     Mayo: 100G / 120G / 140G / 260G

Breeding: Breeds by throwing an egg in the incubator. After that you wait 7 days for a cute little chick, then 7 more for a fully grown chicken.

Interesting Notes:

Once your coop is full, there wont be enough spaces to feed all your chickens, so you have to give the birds some feed by hand. Which helps raise affection anyways

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