Chicken Festival

Chicken Tournament

The Chicken Festival is an annual event in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. It is held on the 7th day of Summer, between 10:00 am and 2:50 pm, in Rose Square.

If a Chicken wins the Chicken Festival competition, it will produce Golden eggs, beginning the next day. A Chicken that has won the competition will have a golden crown icon next to its name on the menu screen. A Golden egg sells for 150G. A Mayonnaise Maker can convert Golden eggs into Golden Mayonnaise (Mayonnaise G), which can be sold for 300g.


Chicken Festival BTN

The Chicken Festival has a minigame of Chicken-Sumo. This is actually a tournament. If you can win 3 rounds, you are the champion of the tournament. But once you lose a round, the minigame ends and your Chicken will not gain the ability to lay Golden Eggs. The real thing in this festival is the affection of your Chicken to you. This is not about the first who will press the " x " button. 

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