Choco (MLS)
A girl that acts a bit goofy.
Town Flower Bud Village
Liked Product All Products
Family Unnamed Sister
Appearances GBC2, GBC3, MLS

This article is about Choco a character from My Little Shop. You may be looking for Choco in her other appearances throughout the franchise. .

Choco is a character appearing as a customer from another town in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop. She works at a shop with her older sister in another town.

She's a rather flighty little girl, and will often discuss how cute your store is (but of course, her store is always cuter). She seems to care more about how a place looks rather than the quality of the products, though this is probably simply because she is young. Nonetheless, she's a fun, charming girl.

She will be very happy if you befriend her and say she wants to be friends forever. She also gets along with Cecil and the two will sometimes play together.

If you play as a boy, she is one of the three girls you can take to the Starry Night Festival.


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