• Introduction: "Hey, who are you? ___? Well, I guess you seem okay. I'm Cindy. I'm Lauren's twin. I'm older than her by two minutes!"
  • Morning: "Hey, ___. Good morning." 
  • Evening: "Yawn... What?! I'm not sleepy!"


  • "Eat it even if you don't like it! That's what Mom always says. But I'm not gonna eat anything I don't like!"
  • "Everybody likes the mayor, you know. It's crazy!"
  • "Hmmm... Studying isn't my thing..."
  • "Cool! It's time to play!"
  • "Playing is tons of fun! But having to go home and take a bath afterwards stinks!"
  • Near the river: "This is, like, our special spot. In some seasons there are tons of flowers around here. ♪"
  • During a snowstorm: "Wow! So much snow! I'm itching for a good snowball fight!"
  • After a storm: "That weather was so cool yesterday! Gosh, I wish that every day was like that!"
  • During a typhoon: "Wow! The wind is so strong! I feel like it could blow me away. ♪"
  • Bazaar day: "The bazaar is usually full of cool stuff!"
  • After the bazaar: "Wow, look at the time. I gotta get home!"
  • When shown the blue feather: "That's a pretty cool feather."
  • After you are married: "You look so happy now that you're married. It's kind of annoying!"


  • Favorite: "A donut? For me? My favorite! ♪ Thanks, ___!"
  • "Thanks! I'm impressed that you know what I like."
  • Disliked: "This is what you call a present!? ___, you are super lame!"
  • Horror: "That is, like, so mean. ___, you're a jerk!"
  • Birthday: "A birthday present? Thanks, ___! You're pretty cool!"
  • When offered a tool/rotten item: "Huh? I don't want that."
  • When offered multiple gifts: "What, another one? No thanks."
  • Declines a gift: "Sorry, not in the mood. Keep it!"

Heart Lines

Note: Cindy and Lauren's heart lines can be seen by talking to them upstairs in their home.

  • Black Heart: "____, you can jump pretty high up, huh? How do you do that?"
  • Purple Heart: "The mayor is crazy ripped! His arms are, like, twice as big as Dad's!"
  • Blue Heart: "If farming fun? You have to carry stuff and take care of animals... That's lots of work. I bet you don't have time to play! Yuck!"
  • Green Heart: "Kevin thinks that he's, like, the best prankster. But you know what? He's got a long way to go still. If you're gonna pull a prank, no one should ever find out who did it! Uh, don't tell anyone I said that, ___."
  • Yellow Heart: "So why do you think I talk so much? It's obviously because Lauren doesn't like to talk at all! I've gotta even it out!"
  • Orange Heart: "___, what are you up to? Wanna play?"
  • Red Heart: "When I grow up... ___, I want to be like you. ♥ Hey, tell me about when you were a kid and stuff like that. I'm gonna copy you from now on. ♪"


  • Before the start of a festival: "Festivals are pretty cool."
  • You lose: "Booo. I was cheering for you."
  • You win: "Nice! Way to go, ____!"
  • You don't enter/compete: "What the heck? Why didn't you enter!?"

Flower Festival:

  • "Can I give people weeds instead? Just kidding!"
  • When given a flower: "Oh, thanks, ____."

Wine/Tea Festival:

  • "That was pretty good. Thanks, ___!"