Crop Festival

Beginner Class Win

"Congratulations on winning! You're the King of Beginners! Good luck next time!" 


"Fresh vegetables are the best! I'm always excited to to to the festivals!
I plan to use the tasty ones in my store. "

Advanced Class Win

"Congratulations on winning! You won over everyone! It's truly amazing!"
"Your crop is the best! I want to use them in my store!" 


"Fresh vegetables are the best! I'm always excited to to to the festivals!
I plan to use the tasty ones in my store." 


"The Flower Dept... Herbs smell really nice. It's essential in cooking." 

Cooking Festival

Intermediate Fried and Boiled, Win

"Winning in the intermediate class is amazing! Do your best in the advanced class too!" 

"The quality of ingredients is important to take home a victory in the Festival.
This secret advice is just for you, MC. Do your best next time!" 

"Cooking is a matter of the senses. Proper seasoning and proper serving both require refined senses.
Talented chefs can make a delicious meal out of any ingredients." 

Cow/Chicken Festival


"Cows raised with love will produce delicious milk!"
"Delicious milk used for cooking makes delicious food! You can ship it for a tidy profit." 

"Jersey milk is especially delicious. We use it at our shop!" 


"The eggs of the Silky Fowl chicken are especially delicious. We use them at our shop!" 

"Chickens raised with love will lay delicious eggs!
Delicious eggs used in cooking makes delicious food! You can ship them for a tidy profit." 

Beginner Class Lose

"Sorry about your loss today."
"Never mind. It's not a big deal. Just try again next time." 

Beginner Class Win

"Congratulations! A win in the beginner class is still a win. Keep up the hard work." 

New Year's Eve

This town has increased in population, little by little.
Let's bring even more people in. Let's make the liveliest town we can!

Music Festival

"I would like them to play live music in my restaurant.
But they probably will not come because there is no stage at my restaurant." 

Fireworks Festival

"It would be good if there were some kind of food at the Fireworks Festival."

"Fireworks end in a short period, I bet people could have more fun, if they were able to eat and drink".

"I was looking at the sky the whole time, so now my neck hurts. "

"The fireworks were wonderful. At first, I was surprised, but it was nice once I got used to it." 

"Sometimes it is interesting to look around at Fireworks Festival.
Everyone is staring at the sky with their mouths open. They wouldn't notice if they ate a bug."

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