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This article is about Cody, a character from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Cody (HMDS), a character from Harvest Moon: DS.
Cody (HMDS)
Age 36
Appearances AWL, HMDS

Cody is an artist living inside of a mobile home behind Daryl's Labratory and next to the home of Patrick and Kassey .

Likes: Flowers, Crystals, Bones,Eggs

Dislikes: Curry


Cody is carefree, living and enjoying the scenery of the valley. He keeps to himself, sometimes brushing off the player if they talk to him too much. He opens up to the player throughout the chapters. He seems to enjoy children, as he sometimes asks about your child, and he also influences him (or her) to become an artist like himself.


Cody’s Art

Characters Involved: Cody

Befriend Cody and enter his house in the morning. He’ll have a piece of artwork to put up in your house. You can have it put in either your bedroom or the living room. This scene won’t occur before chapter 4.

Nami's crush

Characters Involved: Cody, Nami

If you choose not to marry Nami, in later chapters you may catch her interacting with Cody and displaying signs that she might be interested in him.


  • Cody's kercheif pattern is different from the others seen in the game. Instead of a solid red, his has white dots painted on it (which can only be seen if the player focuses in first-person view).
  • It is rumoured that Cody is owner to the turtle in the swamp by his house, as it wears a red kercheif similar to that of Cody's. However, there are several other stray animals that appear to sport the same accessory.
  • Sometimes you are able to see Cody punch his sculpture of a bar around his house into place.
  • Interestingly, he seems to wear the same gloves, or the same kind of gloves as Bob does from the games he appears in.

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