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Cow (FoMT)
Game Harvest Moon: (More) Friends of Mineral Town
Cost Purchased from Barley for 5,000G.

  Cows are farm animals that are purchasable and breedable in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

They produce milk, which can be sold, gifted, or cooked with. Unlike some other Harvest Moon games, cows do not vary in appearance, regardless of the milk they give, although calves are slightly smaller.


Cows can be bought from Barley at Yodel Ranch for 5000 G. They are the most expensive animals you can buy in the game.

Alternatively, you can also buy a Cow Miracle Potion for 3000 G, and use it to impregnate an adult cow you own. A calf will be born in 20 days, and the calf will take 21 days to grow into an adult cow before it will begin giving milk (14 days to grow into a medium sized cow, and another 7 to adult).


  • Feed Cows daily with fodder. Fodder can be purchased from Yodel Ranch. Alternatively, buying Grass Seeds from Jeff will allow you to grow grass on your farm. Grass can be cut with a sickle and made into fodder. While cows are outside, they will eat grass and will not have to be fed.
  • Talking to your cow and brushing them will raise their affection for you. The more hearts a cow has, the better quality milk you will recieve.
  • If cows become sick, cure them using Animal Medicine. Medicine can be purchased at Yodel Ranch or the Poultry Farm. Animals become sick if you forget to feed them, leave them outside in the rain, or they are attacked by wild animals. If you do not cure your cow, she may die.



Types of available milk.

Cows can produce 6 different types of milk: Milk (S), Milk, (M), Milk (L), Milk (G), Milk (P) and Milk (X).

Milk (S), (M) and (L)

Milk (S), (M) and (L) can be procured from regular cows, depending on their heart levels:

  • 0 - 3 hearts: (S) - Can be sold for 100 G
  • 4 - 7 hearts: (M) - Can be sold for 150 G
  • 8 - 10 hearts: (L) - Can be sold for 200 G

Milk (G)

Milk (G) can be procured from a cow that has won the Cow Festival. You can only win the Cow Festival with a cow that has 8 or more hearts, so technically, it is also required for the cow to have been taken care of well. Milk (G) can be sold for 300 G.

Milk (P)

A cow that has won the Cow Festival and has spent 600 hours grazing outdoors will produce Milk (P). Milk (P) can be sold for 500 G.

Milk (X)

There is a 1/255 chance that a Milk (P)-producing cow will make Milk (X). You can sell Milk (X) for 800 G.

X milk can also be obtained by mixing all of the other types of milk in your kitchen (S, M, L, G, and P).

Other Products

If you have expanded your barn, you can buy a Cheese-Maker from Saibara the Blacksmith, and it will be put in your barn. Putting milk of any kind into the maker will yield you a block of cheese, the same type and size of the milk you put in (e.g. Milk (S) > Cheese (S), Milk (P) > Cheese (P) ).

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