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Crops and flowers can be planted in any season. Ideal seasons will yield "Great" versions of the crops. Crop seeds are sold by Sam. Selling 30-50 mutated crops unlocks the seeds for it. All mutations listed below have been tested for confirmation.

Flower seeds are sold by Carol, and Carol pays a higher price for flowers.

Mutations of crops can occur and sometimes require special circumstances including season, ground conditions, elevation, and fertilizer. Asking Rowan (crops) and Blossom (flowers) for help increases the chances of mutations and so does fertilizer.

Optimum Elevations:

  • High Elevation: build your planting area on the same height as the first mine door.
  • Medium Elevation: -3 from entry height
  • Low Elevation: -16 from entry height, or dig down to the bedrock and use the layer before it.


Crop Base Seeds Season Days Sam Sell Conditions
Cabbage Cabbage all 2 28G any
Great Cabbage Spring
Red Cabbage Cabbage Spring 2 99G any
Great Red Cabbage
Green Cabbage Red Cabbage Spring dry, medium
Great Green Cabbage Green Cabbage
Dome Cabbage
Great Dome Cabbage
Celery Celery all 4 50G any
Great Celery Celery Spring
White Celery Celery Fall 4 high
Great White Celery White Celery
Mystic Herb Celery Summer 4 124G grassy, medium
Great Mystic Herb Mystic Herb
Onion Onion all 3 74G any
Great Onion Onion 3 111G
Scallion Onion Spring 3 124G dry
Great Scallion Scallions Spring 3 dry
Petite Onions Scallions Spring 3 149G dry
Great Petite Onions Petite Onions Spring
Strawberry Strawberry all 50G
Great Strawberry Strawberry Spring 74G
White Berry Strawberry Winter medium, grassy
Magical Berry White Spring medium, grassy. Berry Blend
Great Magical Berry Magical Berry Spring
Tomato Tomato all 50G
Great Tomato Tomato Summer
San Marzano Tomato Summer dry
Great San Marzano San Marzano
Crimson Tomato Winter low
Great Crimson
Corn Corn 25G any
Great Corn Corn Summer 37G
Fodder Corn Corn 25G mosquitofish blend
Great Fodder Corn Fodder Corn
Sweet Corn Corn Summer dry
Great Sweet Corn Sweet Corn
Yellow Corn Sweet Corn Winter
Great Yellow Corn
Green Pepper Green Pepper all 4 50G any
Great Green Pepper Green Pepper 74G
Red Pepper Green Pepper Summer
Great Red Pepper Red Pepper
Wheat Wheat any 25G
Great Wheat Wheat Summer 37G
Durum Wheat Wheat Summer high elevation
Great Durum Wheat
Barley Fall grassy
Great Barley
Great Rye
Hot Pepper 30G 74G
Great Hot Pepper Hot Pepper Fall 111G
Jalapeno Hot Pepper Spring grassy
Great Jalapeno
Potato Potato 74G
Great Potato Potato
Purple Potato Potato Winter dry, medium
Great Purple Potato Purple Potato
Giant Potato Potato Fall high
Great Giant Potato Giant Potato
Carrot 20G 4 50G
Great Carrot Carrot 4 74G
Baby Carrot Carrot Winter grassy, between medium and low elevation
Great Baby Carrot Baby Carrot Winter
Brown Carrot Carrot Summer 4 124G swampy
Great Brown Carrot Brown Carrot Summer
Pumpkin Pumpkin any 74G
Great Pumpkin Pumpkin Fall
Zucchini Pumpkin Summer 124G swampy
Great Zucchini Zucchini Summer
Squash Pumpkin Spring grassy, medium
Great Squash Squash Spring grassy, medium
Spinach Spinach all 50G any
Great Spinach Spinach Winter
Baby Spinach Winter dry
Great Baby Spinach Winter
Savoy Spinach Spinach Spring
Great Savoy Spinach
Pink Spinach Baby Spinach Winter 2 dry, medium
Great Pink Spinach 2
Broccoli Broccoli all 74G any
Great Broccoli Broccoli Winter
Broccolini Broccoli Fall grassy, medium
Great Broccolini Broccolini
Romanesco Broccolini
Great Romanesco Romanesco Winter 223G
Blueberry Blueberry any 74G
Great Blueberry Blueberry Fall 111G
Blackcurrant Blueberry Winter medium, grassy
Great Blackcurrant
Watermelon 60G any 4 149G
Great Watermelon Watermelon Summer 4 223G
Cannonball 248G
Great Cannonball
Asparagus 40G any 99G
Great Asparagus Asparagus Summer 149G
Purple Asparagus Asparagus Fall
Great Purple Asparagus Purple Asparagus


Flower Base Seeds Season Days Carol Sell Other Sell Conditions
Marguerite 60G 3 77G 42G
Great Marguerite Marguerite 153G 84G
Tulip 50G 103G
Great Tulip Tulip 206G
White Tulip Tulip 134G dry
Great White Tulip White Tulip
Yellow Tulip Tulip dry
Great Yellow Tulip Yellow Tulip
Pink Rose Pink Rose 155G
Great Pink Rose Pink Rose Spring 309G
Sunflower 60G any 124G
Great Sunflower Summer
Pink Dahlia 50G any 188G
Great Pink Dahlia Dahlia Summer 375G 206G
White Dahlia Dahlia Summer 244G 134G grassy
Great White Dahlia White Dahlia Summer
Yellow Dahlia Dahlia Summer 263G 144G patchy
Great Yellow Dahlia Yellow Dahlia Summer
Cosmos 60G any 225G
Great Cosmos Cosmos Fall 450G
Sunny Red Cosmos Fall 188G
Great Sunny Red Sunny Red
Carnation 65G 244G
Great Carnation Carnation Fall 488G
Pink Carnation Carnation
Great Pink Carnation Pink Carnation
Pink Pansy any all
Great Pink Pansy Pansy Winter
Yellow Pansy Pansy
Great Yellow Pansy
Purple Pansy Pansy Winter
Great Purple Pansy

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