This article is about Dale, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Dale, a character from Animal Parade.
Birthday 14 Summer
Family Luke (Son)
Appearances AP, ToT

Dale is the owner of the Carpentry Shop where his son, Luke, and apprentice, Bo, work with him. It is Dale who serves customers at the counter, however.

Moreover, Dale is a pivotal character in the plot due to his knowledge of the Trees and Nature. Dale ultimately gives you a hint about the location for the Right Side of the Quilt.

Character Card

  • Home: Carpenter's
  • Likes: Spicy Food; Mushroom Dishes
  • Requirement: You will experience Dale's Introduction Event when you first enter the Carpentry Shop


  • When given Mushroom Rice: "I really like this. I'm so happy."

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