An aspiring builder. Good at making decorations.
Town Clover Town
Liked Product Decorated Eggs
Appearances MLS

Danica is a character in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop.

Danica lives in Clover Town and serves as an apprentice to Takakura. She thinks very highly of her teacher and sees him as a role model. She strives to master carpentry like him.

Danica has a lot of energy and is a self-proclaimed tomboy. She can also be quite stubborn; her apprenticeship to Takakura is a prime example of this. When she first asked to become his apprentice, he refused, saying he was too old to take on a student. He eventually changed his mind, however, due to her persistence.

She will often be working in the expansion shop in town. The player can talk to her if a building needs to be upgraded or built, or if they want to purchase a field. She is apparently very good at making decorations.

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