Blueprint Materials
Wooden Bench Small Lumber (x5)
Stone Bench Small Material Stone (x5)
Red Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Ruby (x1)
Green Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Emerald (x1)
Blue Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Adamantite (x1)
Yellow Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Topaz (x1)
Purple Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Amethyst (x1)
White Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Platinum (x1)
Black Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Glittering Stone (x1)
Gold Bench

Small Lumber (x5) + Gold (x1)

Silver Bench Small Lumber (x5) + Silver (x1)

Functional Plazas

Blueprint Materials
Small Wood Plaza Small Lumber (x15)
Small Stone Plaza Small Material Stone (x15)
Small Brick Plaza Brick (x15)


Blueprint Materials
Road Soil (x4)
Stone Road Small Material Stone (x4)
Brick Road  Brick (x4)
Stone Paving Small Rock (x4)


Blueprint Materials
Wooden Pillar Lumber (x5)
Stone Pillar Material Stone (x5)
Brick Pillar  Brick (x5)


Blueprint Materials

Farm Decoration

Branch (x25) + Small Material Stone (x20) + Sandrose (x3) + Cow Treat (x3)

Farm Pathway

Small Branch (x5) + Small Material Stone (x25) + Silver (x5) + Sandrose (x3) + Tulip (x2)

Farm Plaza

Branch (x20) + Material Stone (x60) + Mithril (x10) + Sandrose (x7) + Diamond (x3)

Eastern Decoration

Small Rock (x10) + Lumber (x10) + Red Cloth (x1) + Pine Branch (x2) + Bamboo (x5)

Eastern Pathway

Rock (x15) + Small Material Stone (x20) + Bamboo (x30) + Spring Sun (x1)

Eastern Plaza

Small Material Stone (x130) + Lumber (x35) + Pine Branch (x3) + Bamboo (x30) + Red Cloth (x10)

Old Decoration

Small Material Stone (x2) + Small Lumber (x15) + Copper (x2) + Brick (x2) + Coconut (x1)

Old Pathway

Black Material Stone (x3) + Lumber (x20) + Scrap Meteal (x150) + Pink Diamond (x2) + Mythic Stone (x1)

Old Plaza

Black Material Stone (x15) + Lumber (x30) + Brick (x15) + Ancient Clay Figure (x2) +  Coconut (x8)

Classy Decoration

Brick (x15) + Iron (x5) + Silver (x2) + Glass Stone (x3) + Glittering Stone (x3)

Classy Pathway

Small Material Stone (x15) + Lumber (x7) + Brick (x10) + Gold (x3) + Silver (x20)

Classy Plaza

Cotton Fabric (x10) + Silver (x12) + Brick (x35) + Glass Stone (x23) + Iron (x65)

Garden Decoration

Small Lumber (x15) + Brick (x5) + Silver (x5) + Iron (x3) + Red Rose (x1)

Garden Pathway

Lumber (x20) + Brick (x25) + Silver (x45) + Iron (x30) + Elli Leaf (x15)

Garden Plaza

Lumber (x120) + Brick (x35) + Iron (x25) + Mithril (x20) + Tulip (x25)

Park Design

Small Lumber (x10) + Copper (x2) + Iron (x3) + Adamantite (x3) + Marguerite (x3)

Park Pathway

Small Lumber (x15) + Small Material Stone (x10) + Iron (x5) + Adamantite (x10) + Snowdrop (x10)

Park Plaza

Small Lumber (x99) + Small Material Stone (x15) + Adamantite (x8) + Nadeshiko (x20) + Snowdrop (x10)

Tree Decoration 

Small Lumber (x15) + Lumber (x10) + Brick (x10)

Tree Pathway

Small Rock (x4) + Branch (x25) + Brick (x25) + Iron (x10)

Tree Plaza

Small Lumber (x30) + Lumber (x30) + Brick (x30) + Iron (x15) + Emerald (x3)


Blueprint Materials
Table Yarn Ball (x3) + Cotton Fabric (x3) + Glass Stone (x2) + Iron (x7)
Garden Chair Yarn Ball (x3) + Cotton Fabric (x1) + Iron (x1)
Beach Chair Small Lumber (x1) + Moon Stone (x2)
Tea Table  Lumber (x3) + Red Cloth (x3)
Beach Parasol Table Small Lumber (x3) + Moon Stone (x7)


Blueprint Materials
Fountain Small Material Stone (x20)
Lavish Fountain  Material Stone (x30) + Pearl (x10) + Crystal (x5)
Bamboo Fountain Material Stone (x2) + Small Lumber (x1) + Bamboo (x3)

Country Decorations

Blueprint Materials
Barrels Small Lumber (x6)
Wooden Boxes Small Lumber (x5)
Scarecrow Small Branch (x3) + Fodder (x5) + Wool (x3)
Weather Vane Iron (x3)
Milk Cans Silver (x4)
Hay Bale Fodder (x15)
Brick Stack Brick (x3)
Old Cart Small Lumber (x5) + Iron (x4)
Signpost Small Lumber (x5)
Well Material Stone (x10) + Small Lumber (x5) + Iron (x5) + Cotton Fabric (x5)
Minecart Black Material Stone (x30) + Glass Stone (x5) + Iron (x15) + Old Coin (x10)
Shipping Bin Small Lumber (x5) + Copper (x3)


Blueprint Materials
Street Light  Small Material Stone (x1) + Iron (x3)
Parasol Black Rock (x1) + Red Cloth (x3) + Bamboo (x5)
Stone Lantern Small Material Stone (x3) + Spring Sun (x1)
Dog Statue  Small Material Stone (x5) + Leash (x1)
Fire Extinguisher Iron (x2) + Ruby (x1) + Diamond (x1) + Flour (x5) + Old Boot (x2)
Beacon  Small Branch (x3) + Iron (x1) + Honeycomb (x1) + Summer Sun (x1)
Arch Bridge  Small Rock (x10) + Lumber (x7) + Iron (x15) + Ruby (x5)

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