Below are a list of several quotes said by Dia during the course of the game Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.


  • Introductory Line: "Hello. I have never seen you before... Are you a tourist? ...No, I do not need to know your name. You won't be here for long anyway, will you? You do not need to know my name either."
  • "...What is it you want? I do not have much spare time."
  • "Good day."
  • "...What is it?"
  • "Good evening. Have you finished your work today?"

Parting Lines

  • "...Goodbye."
  • "Goodbye. We shall meet again tomorrow."

General Quotes

  • "I could care less about the changing of the seasons."
  • "I now understand how lovely it is when seasons change."
  • "There are many things I must do, such as studying."
  • "I was just taking a break from studying. ...I do need to get away from it once in awhile."
  • "Gina and I have been together since we were small. And Martha is like a mother to me."
  • "...I would like to go into the forest, but Martha gets worried if I stay out too late."

Question: "Will you...lend me an ear?"

  • (Answer Yes): "You see how Martha and Gina look after me all the time...I cannot do anything by myself. I want to become an adult sooner. That way... I might be able to make my own decisions and maybe be more independant.."


During Summer:

"The summer dry season must be a terror for farms like yours..."

During Rain:

  • "Hello. What a day were having."
  • "My books get so musty during the rainy season."

During a Storm:

  • "I am fine... Gina and Martha are here, so... But thank you for your concern."
  • "I hate thunder... It frightens me. Please be careful, ___."

Gift Reactions

  • Flower (Low Friendship): "...There is nothing special about this flower."
  • Toy Flower: "Thank you. It smells lovely."
  • Pink-cat Flower: "Thank you, but please do not pick too many. I like to see them grow, too."
  • Liked Gift: "Thank you."
  • Sweets: "T-thank you. To be honest, I like sweets very much."
  • Herbs: "This is what you put in tea and things, isn't it? Thank you."
  • Berries: "This is quite sweet."
  • Blueberries: "Thank you. I like this very much. But martha tells me I should not eat too many of these."
  • Weeds: "I am sorry. I have no use for this."
  • Fodder/Ores: "N-no thank you."
  • Failed Dish: "A cooking disaster? It would be waste to throw it out, but you probably should not eat it."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Thank you, but I do not need this."

Food (Low Friendship):

  • "Is this.. edible? Will it not make me sick?"
  • "I always have enough to eat. Please do not bother."

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