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Harvest moon dog
Game Every Harvest Moon Game
Cost Free

A Dog is featured as a pet in many of the games in the Harvest Moon series. The role of the dog has varied depending on the game, from being able to win competitions with it to it having no particular use on the farm whatsoever.

Save The HomelandTree of Tranquility and Animal Parade require the player to befriend the dog of your choice before it will live on your ranch.

Types of Dogs

Sth image3

Dog shown in Save The Homeland

Save The Homeland:

  • Medium-sized, brown, pointy-eared, Akita
  • Medium-sized, orange, floppy-eared, Beagle

Tree of Tranquility:

  • Small, orange, floppy-eared, Beagle
  • Small, white, Chihuahua
  • Medium-sized, black and white, Collie
  • Large, white and fluffy, Pyrenees

A Wonderful Life:

  • Medium-sized, orange, floppy-eared, Beagle
  • Medium-sized, orange, pointy-eared, Shiba
Harvest Moon GBC3 Pet Select


Dogs can participate in frisbee minigames at Festivals. They can also help you befriend villagers. You can improve your relationship with your dog by bringing him out on sunny days and petting him. In A Wonderful Life you are also able to feed your dog various food items to also improve this relationship. You may also train your dog to do certain tricks if you wish.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, it is possible for your dog to have puppies with Hana-Chan, Barley 's dog. If you leave your dog at the Yodel Ranch , a week later, Barley will announce that your dog and Hana-Chan had two puppies. One puppy will remain at Yodel Ranch, and the other will go to you. If you give the puppy to Stu, he will be very happy and your friendship level with him will increase.

At numerous points within the game you will be approached by Won and he'll offer to sell you a ball, to which you can use to play with your dog. Playing with your dog by throwing the ball will increase their intelligence, and serve to aide in winning the Annual Dog Race. If your ball happens to go missing, Won will eventually return to sell you another one.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

In Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, your dog is the only animal that you begin with when you first start the game. It starts off as a puppy, and grows into an adult dog in 60 days. As an adult, you can participate in frisbee festivals with your dog, and it will be able to chase off wild dogs at night.

You can show your dog or puppy to certain townspeople; many villagers are either neutral with dogs, or really like them, but there are a handful of townspeople that will react with disgust if you show them your dog.

You can also purchase a ball and play catch with your dog, which will raise its affection for you.

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