The Dog Race is an event in Harvest Moon 64. It is held on Winter 19th in the Village Square. If the player's dog is well trained, it may be entered in the race.


The best ways to increase the player's dog's performance is to fill the dog's food dish (with any food item, brown or from the mountain), and to use the whistle to have the dog come to the player.


The races start around 9:00 am. There are 3 races held throughout the day, and the player can bet on other dogs to win medals in the races their dog is not in. With these medals, the player can buy many different items to improve every day living back on the farm.

If the player's dog wins its race, they will get a picture of them holding their dog and standing next to the Mayor.


  • 1st: New Dog house (3000 medals)
  • 2nd: Cute Clock (1000 medals): When the menu is brought up, the clock will now have cow skin
  • 3rd: 500 Materials (Lumber, 500 medals): This can be bought multiple times

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