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Birthday Fall 7
Family Gwen (Niece)
Unlock By Summer of year one.
Appearances HM64, FoMT, BTN, MM
This article is about Doug, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Doug in his other appearances throughout the series.

Doug is a character in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Doug is first introduced during the Spring Horse Races, although he won't move into the village right away. He talks with Duke about opening up a business in this village. Until he moves in as a permanent resident, he can be found in the town square during the weekends.

Doug opens up the Perch Inn on the first day of Summer, if the player met him in Spring. His niece Gwen works with her uncle at the Inn, and will also move in to the town as a permanent resident. His faithful dog John is always by his side.

The player can buy food items from Doug at Perch Inn by talking to him at the counter. Once Doug moves in, he never leaves. He is always found behind the counter of Perch Inn.


Gift Preferences
Loved Bell Pepper (High Quality), Carrot (High Quality), Corn
Liked Silver Ore
Disliked Can, Boot (Right), Boot (Left), Toadstool, Weeds

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