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HM64 portrait duke
Family Jeff (Nephew)
Appearances HM64, BTN, FoMT, MM
This article is about Duke, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Duke in his other appearances throughout the series.

Duke is a character in Harvest Moon 64.

Duke is the owner of the Bar, and can only be found there. He is friendly to all of his customers. He is important in restoring the Vineyard, which is necessary for the Keifu Fairy Dance. He will give Pete a bottle of Karen's Grandma's wine (The Doorway to Heaven) by raising his affection. If you are wanting to marry Karen, befriending Duke is essential. 

If you give him wild grapes, he will give you the recipe for Hot Spicy Wine. He is also Jeff's uncle. 


  • Wild Grapes
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