Main Page
Birthday Winter 28
Family Eve (Niece)
Unlock By Summer 1st
Appearances HM64, FoMT, BTN, MM
This article is about Duke, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Duke in his other appearances throughout the series.

Duke is a character in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

He is first introduced during the Spring Horse Races, when he talks with Doug about opening up a business in this village. Until he moves in as a permanent resident, he can be found in the town square during the weekends.

If the player talked to him during the Spring, Doug will open up his own bar, the Moonlight Cafe on Fall 1. He will employ Carl and his niece Eve to work for him.

The player can buy food and drink items from Doug at the Moonlight Cafe by talking to him behind the counter. He and Eve live in the upstairs part of the cafe.


Gift Preferences
Loved Potatoes, Good Butter
Liked Cayenne, Clam, Boiled Egg
Disliked Boots, Cans, Junk

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