Heart Lines

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1st line:

  • 0 heart line: "Being committed to work is an important thing."
  • 1 heart line: "Making a longtime dream come true. That's a man's drive."
  • 2 heart line: "I want to make a place where everyone can feel comfortable."
  • 3-5 heart line: "Commitment and romance are necessary for everything."
  • 6 heart line:
  • 7 heart line:
  • 8 heart line:
  • 9-10 heart line:


  • Rainy day below 4 hearts: "The view on rainy days isn't bad."
  • Rainy day at least 4 hearts: "Emptying a glass while listening to the sound of the rain. ...Don't you think it's a fine setting?"

Other Lines

  • When shown your baby: "Hmm, a healthy-looking child."

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