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This article is about Edmond, a character from Light of Hope. You may be looking for Edmond, a character from Skytree Village.
"Heh heh. It's not that surprising, is it? Just like there are animals and plants, there are humans and mages."

Edmond is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Edmond is a Grand Mage, and master to the mages Tabitha and Gareth. Unlike his rambunctious apprentices, he is much more calm and wise, possibly attributed to his 100+ years of age. Edmond will aid the farmer in the quest to restore the lighthouse, as well as serve as a peacemaker when Tabitha and Gareth get up to their antics.


Gift Preferences
Loved Any grilled fish, any gems,or any seashells
Liked Bamboo shoots, Flowers, Crops
Hated Sweets

Note Events

Note Event 1

  • Beacon Town / Any Time / Any Weather

Tabitha and Gareth are there bickering. After a bit, Edmond shows up and, after more arguing/conversation, the two apprentices leave. Edmond comments about how they've calmed down.

  • They're quite entertaining. | + FP (Best answer)

Edmond agrees with your character.

  • They're always causing trouble.

Edmond apologizes on their behalf but states that it would be quite without them around.

  • You seem happy about it. | + FP

Note Event 2

  • LightHouse Outlook / Any Time / Any Weather

Enter the Lighthouse Outlook to find Edmond in a conversation with Jeanne. He seems to be wanting to ask her something, but decides against it. You'll arrive on scene and Edmond will confide in you. Eventually however, he reaches a point where he has something he wishes to share, but asks you to wait until a later date for him to talk with you about it, after which you'll be given the opportunity to respond.

  • When's that going to be? | +FP
  • Okay. | +FP (Best Answer)
  • You don't have to tell me.

Note Event 3

  • Harvest Goddess Spring / 6:00 am - 7:00 pm / Any Weather

You walk into the spring to finf Edmond and the Harvest Goddess conversing. It starts with talk of their friendship and eventually turns to the subject of eternal life, where they ask your opinion on the matter.

  • That sounds scary to me. | +FP (Best Answer)
  • I don't think I can handle that.
  • Maybe if someone were with me... 

Note Event 4

  • Exiting the mine / 5 pm - 9 pm / Any Weather

Note Event 5

Requests / Mail

Edmond´s Toils 1
Ah, (your name). You see, I research crops, but my apprentices show no interest. I know you´re busy. but would you be able to help me?

Item Requested Reward
Cabbage (2) Cabbage Seeds x10

Cabbage Blend x 10

Edmond´s Toils 2
Magic users have taken a role as doctors since ancient times. Food, in other words, crops, are a vital part of health. Therefore, my research.

Item Requested Reward
Celery (2) Celery Seeds x10

Celery Blend x10

Edmond´s Toils 3
Interesting. I grow my own crops for research, but yours clearly taste better. I must look into this... May I request some Green Pepper next?

Item Requested Reward
Green Pepper (2) Tomato Seeds x10

Tomato Blend x10

Edmond´s Toils 4
I saw you the other day, joyfully tending your farm. Not as efficient, but perhaps... I must know more. Please, bring me corn.

Item Requested Reward
Corn (2) Green Pepper Seeds x10

Pepper Blend x10

Edmond´s Toils 5
From what you´ve taught me, I took a diferent perspective, which lead me to a new idea. Now, do you have time to get me Carrots?

Items Requested Reward
Carrot (2) Potato Seeds x10

Potato Blend x10

Edmond´s Toils 6
I´ve achieved a boost in medicinal potency, but at the cost of taste. This will not do as a meal. Can you Provide me with your crops again?

Item Requested Reward
Pumpkin (2) Spinach Seeds x10

Spinach Blend x10

Edmond´s Toils 7
Greenery has returned with the lighthouse. An accomplishment only you could attain. So I ask again, may I request help with my research?

Item Requested Reward
Cabbage Blend (4) White Celery Seeds x10

Celery Blend x10

Edmond´s Toils 8
The Harvest Goddess says the difference in taste is in the love. But she may have a point. I know you are capable. May I ask for Orange Peppers?

Item Requested Reward
Orange Pepper (4) Asparagus Seeds x10

Asparagus Blend x10

Edmond´s Toils 9
Even I have difficulty growing it, but you simply followed through. I will now cross our crops without the use of magic. Will you help me?

Item Requested Reward
Scallion Seeds (4) Blueberry Seeds x10

Berry Blend x10