• First introduction: "Well, well. Hello there. I'm Ethel. I run this hotel with my husband. You're always welcome here, dear."
  • Oh, good morning, ___. You're up early."
  • "Hi there, ____. Good to see you."
  • "Good afternoon, _____."
  • Evening: "Hmm? Oh, hello, ____. You're up late. You must be working hard."


  • When Sherry is at the hotel: "Sherry is such a huge help to me.
  • When Joan is at the hotel: "Joan and I are very old friends. She knows everything about me."
  • After a storm: "My husband was worried about the hotel yesterday. But this place has made it through a lot worse than that."
  • Standing outside the hotel: "My husband loves this spot."
  • Bazaar day: "____, you work very hard for the bazaar."
  • After the bazaar: "Oh, is the bazaar over already? 
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Oh, you haven't proposed yet? That may be an old feather, but it brought me plenty of good luck!"
  • After you are married: "Communication is very important in marriage. Care for your partner, and you should be just fine, dear."


  • Favorite: "Ah, fruit shiratama. It looks so good! Thank you so much, ___!"
  • Liked: "Why, thank you. That's very kind."
  • Birthday Gift:
    • Favorite: "A birthday gift? Fruit shiratama? Wow, it's my favorite!"
    • "Oh my, a birthday present for me? Thank you, dear. It's very nice."
  • When given a wrapped gift: "Oh my. What could be inside?"
  • When you try to give a tool/rotten item: "Don't give that away, dear."
  • Refuses a gift: "Oh, no thanks."

Heart Lines

Note: Ethel's unique dialogue can be seen while she is in her bedroom of the hotel.

  • Black Heart: "Daisy is always full of cheer. Just watching her gives me energy."
  • Purple Heart: "I love my job. When a customer really enjoys their stay, it makes all the work worth it."
  • Blue Heart: "Our son had to move far way for work. He loves his job, but I wish he lived closer. We miss him so much."
  • Green Heart: "My husband was very handsome in his youth. Of course, I still think he looks quite dashing."
  • Yellow Heart: "I'm so lucky I found Stuart. The first time I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the love of my life."
  • Orange Heart: "I never thought we'd have so much in common. I really enjoy the time we spend together, dear."


  • Before the start of a festival: "Oh, I love festivals!"
  • You lose a festival: "There's always next time, dear."
  • You win a festival: "You did great, ____."

Flower Festival:

  • When given a flower: "What a nice flower! I'll take good care of it."
  • "It's always nice to get flowers."

Tea/Wine Festival:

  • "Thanks for today. I'm so full!"