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Blueprint  Materials
Wooden Fence Small Lumber (x5)
Wooden Curved Fence Small Lumber (x5)
Wooden Arch Small Lumber (x7)


Blueprint  Materials
Stone Fence Small Material Stone (x5)
Stone Curved Fence Small Material Stone (x5)
Stone Arch Small Material Stone (x7)


Blueprint  Materials
Fluffy Fence Small Lumber (x2) + Alpaca Wool (x1) + Wool (x1)
Fluffy Curved Fence Small Lumber (x2) + Alpaca Wool (x1) + Llama Wool (x1)
Fluffy Arch Small Lumber (x4) + Alpaca Wool (x2) + Llama Wool (x2)


Blueprint  Materials
Bamboo Fence Bamboo (x5)
Bamboo Curved Fence Bamboo (x5)
Wooden Arch Bamboo (x7)


Blueprint  Materials
Blue Flower Arch Iron (x5) + Mint (x5) + Gentian (x3) + Blue Rose (x3)
Watchtower Small Material Stone (x10) + Material Stone (x10) + Black Material Stone (x10) + Crystal (x1)
Guard Rail Small Material Stone (x3) + Sliver (x3)
Guard Rail Curved Small Material Stone (x3) + Silver (x3)
Chained Poles Small Material Stone (x3) + Copper (x3)
Chained Poles Curved Small Material Stone (x3) + Copper (x3)

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