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Fertilizers are unlocked by completing requests for Dean. Feritilizers can be made in the Fertilizer Bin, which can be purchased from Doc. Doc will also give you one as a request reward.

Fertilizer Crafting Buying Price Selling Price
compost Animals produce it (daily?) Unbuyable
Peach Compost
Apple Compost
Orange Compost
Organic Compost
Fertilizer 1 Compost, 2 Soil Sam: 50G
Mosquitofish Blend 2 Compost, 3 Soil, 3 Mosquitofish Sam:
Carp Blend Sam:350
Bass Blend Sam:350
Berry Blend 2 Compost, 3 Soil, 1 Strawberry Sam:350
Tomato Blend Sam:350
Asperigus Blend Sam:350
Barley Blend Sam:350
Durum Wheat Blend 2 Compost, 3 Soil, 2 Drurm Wheat Flour Sam:350
Berry Super Blend 3 Compost, 4 Soil, 1 Great Strawberry Sam:
Durum Super Blend 3 Compost, 4 Soil, 2 Great Durum Flour Sam:

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