This page on Fishing is a list of all the available fish in Harvest Moon GBC3, where to find them, and the selling price.

Fish Name Location Selling Price
Archerfish Ocean 150 G
Black Bass Farm & Forest 150 G
Blowfish Village & Mainland Port 80 G
Bluegill Farm & Forest 80 G
Blue Maomao Village & Mainland Port 80 G
Carp Farm 150 G
Coelacanth Ocean 250 G
Dorado Ocean 250 G
Horned Shark Ocean 250 G
King Carp Farm 80 G
King of Lake</a> Forest 5000 G
King Salmon Forest 250 G
Parrot Fish Village & Mainland Port 150 G
Pink Maomao Village & Mainland Port 80 G
Sailfish Ocean 250 G
Snakehead Forest 250 G

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