Fish Location Size Season Rarity Notes Sam's Sell Price Bastian's Sell Price
Mosquitofish Mine Small Spring-


Common 50G
Perch Stream/Pond Medium All Common 119G
Yellow Perch Stream Medium All Common 119G
Akame Mine Large Fall Night 1,500G
Goby Pond/Mine Fall Rare 150G
Barbatus Pond Small Spring - Fall 105G
Bullhead Mine Large Fall Rare 119G
Rainbow Trout Mine Medium Fall 350G 500G
Green Arowana 7th tree expanded lake Large Rare boat, rain/fog
Banjar Arowana
Golden Arowana
Super Red Arowana
Bluegill Mine Medium Fall 84G 120G
Crucian Carp Mine Medium Spring-Summer (So Far) Uncommon 100G
White Crucian Carp Mine Medium 150G
Goldfish Mine


Tiny Spring


Calico Goldfish
Alligator Gar
Spotted Gar
Black Bass Pond Fall (best) Uncommon 100G
Tilapia Mine

Stream (waterfall before the pond)

Redbelly Tilapia
Piranha 22x22 lake small Spring (so far) boat
Piraya Piranha 22x22 lake slightly larger than piranhas Spring boat
Electric Eel Very Rare

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