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Flowers, like crops have mutations as well as best growth season; however, they are easier to grow as they require no fertilizer in order to grow the "Great" variety. All that's needed is that they get planted during the correct season.

Flower Name Days to Grow Seasonal Mutation Seed Price Selling Price Units to be Sold Before Appearing at Iris's Shop
Carnation 8 days Red (all seasons)
65G 130G / 270G Always available
Pink (Fall) 70G 140G / 290G Sell 15+
Cosmos 8 days Pink (all seasons)
60G 125G / 250G Always available

Sunny Red (Fall)

50G 100G / 200G Sell 10
Dahlia 9 days Pink (all seasons)
Pink dahlia
50G 100G / 200G Always available
White (Summer)
White dahlia
65G 130G / 270G Sell 10
Yellow (Summer)
Yellow dahlia
70G 140G /


Sell 30
Marguerite 8 days White Flower (all seasons)
60G 120G / 250G Always available
Pansy 7 days Pink (all seaons) 60G 125G / 250G Always available
Yellow (Winter) 50G 100 G / 200G Sell 10
Purple (Winter) 65G 130G / 270G Sell 20+
Viola (Winter from Purple Pansy)
70G 150G/


Sell 20+
Rose 12 days Blue (all seasons)
75G 150G / 310G Always available
Pink (all seasons)
Pink rose
75G 160G / 310G Always available
Red (all seasons)
Red Rose
75G 160G / 310G Always available
White (all seasons)
White Rose
75G 160G / 310G Always available
Sunflower 9 days Sunflower (all seasons)
60G 125G / 250G Always available
Tulip 8 days Red (all seasons)
50G 100G / 200G Will become available after reaching 1 Music Note with Iris

White (Spring)

65G 130G / 270G Sell 10

Yellow (Spring)

Tulip yellow
70G 140G / 290G Sell 30

Optimal Flower Planting

If you want to grow the "Great" variety of the flower  you need to plant it during the right season:

Spring: Marguerite, Tulips (red, white and yellow), Pink Rose

Summer: Sunflower, Dahlias (pink, white and yellow), Red Rose

Fall: Cosmos and Sunny Red, Carnations (red and pink), White Rose

Winter: Pansies (pink, yellow and purple) and Viola, Blue Rose

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