Introduction: "Hohoho...Mister, you don't know what to begin with, do you? First, you must learn how to use those tools with the book in the shed. The rest, ask the florist about the crops and the livestock dealer about livestock."


When Dialogue
Weekdays (All Seasons) "There's a useful book over there, about girls, I wrote it. Better read it."
Saturdays (All Seasons) "You better listen to the old preacher."
Sundays (All Seasons) "Are you asking if I don't go to church? God is everywhere and He is nowhere, you know. Hee-hee-hee."
At the Bar (Summer, Winter) "I'm also a midwife. You know, the mayor's daughter Maria and the grocery shop owner's daughter Ann I delivered them all."
Snowing "You won't die without money. Money is not necessary to live a full life."


When Dialogue
Day Before the Hurricane "What are you hanging around here for? Don't you know a hurricane is coming?"
Day After the Hurricane "You'd better inspect here and there."


When Dialogue
Star Night Festival "Do you want me to read your horoscope?"

(Sure) "The girl who gets along with you is no one but ____!" (No thanks) "Really? Don't you want to know?" "well, do your best."

Day Before New Years Festival "You can't redo your life. You might not have the second chance. Think before you act."
Night Before New Years Festival (At the Bar) "I'll do the first fortune-telling at the mountain top."
New Years Festival "Alright, I'm telling your fortune."

(Yes) "Pick up any card you like." (Top, Middle, Bottom) ((Good Luck result)) " 'Excellent luck' Great harvest! Everything goes well!" ((Luck result)) " 'Luck' Fair harvest. The person you are waiting for will come." ((Bad Luck result)) " 'Misfortune' Nothing will turn out good." (No) "I see. I'd better develop my way by myself." "well, do your best."

After the Players Marriage

When Dialogue
Weekdays (All Seasons) "Hey, your face is becoming better looking."