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Variously colored fragments can be collected throughout Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning, the fragments of the same color can be combined to make special things!


These three pieces will make the blueprint for the Three-Wheeled Buggy, an incredibly convenient ridable car that you can use to travel around the area. The buggy is faster than the horse, doesn't require a Coin to use like the Mechanical Panda car, and makes a slightly less annoying sound compared to the Mechanical Lion car.

  • Piece 1 is found when mining. It is part of the same group as the Black Fragments, which requires you to find the previous 9 blueprints and have found at least 300 items when mining.
  • Piece 2 can be caught when using the Fish Traps the at Southern Island. You need to have caught all of the items from Group 1 and Group 2 from the river area before you can catch the Azure Fragment. This requires you to also have the "Star Trapper" fish trapping rank; collect 200 items when using Fish Traps to earn it.
  • Piece 3 is found when ice fishing in the Snowland. You'll need to take the Ice Drill with you to break the ice. The fragment is part of the Group 3 blueprints, so you need to catch all of the plans from Groups 1 and 2 before you can catch the Azure Fragment.

To craft the Three-Wheeled Buggy, combine 10 Small Material Stone, 10 Iron, 10 Copper, and 5 Platinum. The Platinum will be the hardest part to collect, but you can save your game before hitting a mining point and then reload your save game if you don't find any Platinum.


The three fragments create the plan for a Daruma decoration. It doesn't do anything if you stand next to it and press the A button, but it is kind of cute in general.

  • Piece 1 is from spreading Royal Jelly on the forest honey tree. Remember, you only want to place honey on the tree if the weather the next day isn't going to be rainy. The rain will wash away the sticky stuff and you'll be left with nothing on the tree.
  • Piece 2 is collected by fishing in the Land of the East fish pond. This fragment is in the last group of fish-able items, Group 4, so you will need to catch everything in the previous groups before you can catch the fragment piece from the pond.
  • Piece 3 is available after you've seen the ending credits of the game. You can find it by fish trapping at the Southern Island. The Emerald Fragment is in the final group of trap-able blueprints, so you will need to catch all of the items from Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 before you can find it caught in your Fish Trap.

The Daruma object can be created by combining 1 Black Lumber, 3 Lumber, 3 Red Roses, and 3 Magic Red Flower.


When combined, these three pieces will create the Sun Statue plan, which is just a replica of the statue in the middle of the Ancient Ruins.

  • Piece 1 can be located when fish trapping in the river area. Your fish trapping rank/degree needs to be at "Skilled Trapper" or above before you can find the fragment pieces. To reach that rank, you'll need to catch at least 50 items from your Fish Traps.
  • Piece 2 is from visiting the Ancient Ruins. On your first visit to the area, press A at the totem pole near the entrance to receive the Totem Pole blueprint. Then on your third visit (or later) after you have the Totem Pole plan, press A while standing by the sun statue in the middle of the ruins to receive the Crimson Fragment.
  • Piece 3 requires you to place Royal Jelly on the honey tree in the forest area. The fragment is part of Group 1, so it shouldn't take too long before you find one the day after you slather the tree with jelly. The hardest part of this one is getting the Royal Jelly, which requires you to build Bee Hives and place either a Eastern Honey Bee (10% chance of producing RJ) or a Mountain Honey Bee (90% chance of producing RJ) into the Bee Hive.

To create a Sun Statue, combine 15 Black Material Stone, 1 Summer Sun, and 3 Brick. The statue doesn't do anything once you've placed it.


Finding all three of these pieces will unlock the Obelisk decoration. It is a replica of the monument in the northeast corner of the Ancient Ruins and it doesn't do anything when you press the A button next to it.

  • Piece 1 is located inside of the ore mine but you need to be in year 2 or later to find it. The fragment is part of the Group 2 items, and you need to find at least 100 items when mining and be in year 2 or later in order to finish finding all of the items in Group 1. Once you find all of the Group 1 blueprints from the mine, you have a chance of finding the Amber Fragment from Group 2.
  • Piece 2 can be caught when fishing in the river area, mountain area, or on your farm, but you need to have a "Star Fisherman" fishing rank or higher. Also, the Amber Fragment is part of Group 3, so you will need to catch the plans from Group 1 and Group 2 (9 plans in total) before you can start to catch the Group 3 plans. To reach "Star Fisherman" level, catch 200 or more items while fishing.
  • Piece 3 is the same method as the Ashen and Crimson Fragments; find the Totem Pole plan and then visit the Ancient Ruins three times or more. Then go to the obelisk decoration in the northeast corner and press the A button to find the Amber Fragment.

To craft an Obelisk, combine 5 Black Lumber, 10 Sandrose, 3 Ancient Clay Figures, and 10 Shiny Coins.


Collect the three Golden Fragments to piece together the plans for the Toy Robot.

  • Piece 1 can be found at the three mining points inside of the mine. This fragment is part of Group 4. You also have to find at least 1000 items while mining before you can find it.
  • Piece 2 will get attached to the forest area honey tree if you place Royal Jelly on it and check back the next day. There is an additional requirement that you must have visited all four Travel Agency areas (the Southern Beach, Snowland, Land of the East, and the Ancient Ruins) at least once with your family. This means you need to be married and have a child before you can find this fragment on the Honey Tree.
  • Piece 3 can be obtained after you've seen the ending credits of the game. Take a trip to the Southern Island and go fishing at either one of the fishing spots with your Master Rod. The Golden Fragment is part of Group 4, the last group of fish-able plans, so you need to collect all of the plans from the previous groups before you can have the chance of finding the Golden Fragment.

To make a Toy Robot, combine 7 Rubys, 7 Orichalcum, 7 Topaz, 7 Peridot, and 7 Mystic Stones. The clear pieces will combine to create the Propeller Jet Pack.


The combined Ashen Fragments create the Stone Marker decoration. This object looks like the stone monument / gravestone in the northwest corner of the Ancient Ruins. It doesn't have any interaction.

  • Piece 1 is from placing Royal Jelly on the honey tree in the forest area. Check back at the tree the next day and you might find the fragment. You'll get Royal Jelly from Bee Hives on your farm that house the Eastern Honey Bee or Mountain Honey Bee.
  • Piece 2 is at the Ancient Ruins after you have the Totem Pole plan. On your third visit or later after receiving the Totem Pole plan, press A when standing at the stone monument in the northwest corner of the area.
  • Piece 3 is back at the ruins but after you've received the Large Totem Pole plan. You'll get the Large Totem Pole plan from Eldrige after you've made 10 Totem Poles. When you have visited the ruins at least five times and he's given you the Large Totem Pole plan, talk to Eldrige again to receive the Ashen Fragment.

To make a Stone Marker, combine 1 Black Rock, 1 Glittering Stone, 99 Scrap Metal, 1 Pink Diamond, and 1 Mythic Stone.


These three fragments are needed to make the Witch Princess' house. She won't move in until you've put the broken plan back together and construct the building from it. Luckily these pieces are easy to find:

  • Piece 1 and Piece 2 are both found when mining at the three mine points. You need to be in year 2 or later and have already located the mine-able blueprints found in Group 1 and Group 2, which is a total of 9 blueprints. You also have to of found at least 300 items when mining. After you've met the requirements, you have a chance of finding a Black Fragment at any of the three mining points.
  • Piece 3 can be found when fishing on your farm, river area, or mountain area. This piece belongs to Group 1 of the randomly fished-up blueprints, so it won't take much effort to find it.

After you have found all three Black Fragments, you will receive the Pointy Hat House plan. To build the princess' house, combine 30 Black Material Stone, 30 Black Lumber, 15 Linen, 3 Glittering Stones, and 5 Ancient Clay Figures. The figures are more tedious to collect than the Black Fragments themselves, as it will take you multiple trips to the Ancient Ruins to find 5 of them.

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