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Fragments are a special item in Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning.

There are several special blueprints in the game that are incomplete and separated into pieces. These pieces are called fragments. The fragments are spread all throughout the valley and surrounding areas. Once the player finds all fragment pieces, they will come together to create a full blueprint. These special blueprints are required are required for special buildings and items. Once you've found all fragments, you can combine them to make the full blueprint.[1]




The three Azure blueprints will come together to make the Three Wheeled Buggy. You can use this handy vehicle to get around more quickly.

  • The first piece is found while mining. The requirements for this are the same as for finding the black fragments.[2]
  • Use fishing traps at Southern Island in order to find piece #2. You must have the "Star Trapper" fish trapping rank, which requires that you catch 200 items while trapping. Additionally, you must have caught all items that can be found at the first and second fishing spots in the river area.[3]
  • The last fragment can be found while ice fishing at Snowland. Finding all blueprints from Groups 1 and 2 are required before you are able to fish this up.[4]

The buggy requires 10 Material Stone, 10 Iron, 10 Copper and 5 Platinum to make.


These three fragments come together to make the "Pointy Hat" blueprints. This is required in order for the Witch Princess to move in.

  • Two of the three pieces can be found while mining. It must be Year 2 or later, and the other minable blueprints (9 in total) must have already been found. Additionally, you must have already mined at least 300 different items.[5]
  • The third piece can be found while fishing at your farm, the mountain or the river.[6]

The Pointy Hat blueprint requires 30 Black Material Stone, 30 Lumber, 15 Linen, 3 Glittering Stones and 5 Ancient Clay Figures.



This blueprint will come together to create the Sun Statue. This is strictly for decoration purposes.

  • The first fragment can be found while fish trapping in the river area. You must be at the "Skilled Trapper" fish trapping rank, which requires you to catch 50 items in your fish traps.
  • The second fragment is found at the Ancient Ruins. Examine the Totem Pole near the entrance to receive the "Totem Pole" blueprint. On your third visit or later (after having the Totem Pole plan), examine the sun statue to receive the fragment.
  • For fragment three, you must place Royal Jelly on the honey tree in the forest. [7]

The statue requires 15 Black Material Stone, 1 Summer Sun and 3 Brick.




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