• Introduction: "Oh, you're new. Did you just move here? I'm Freya. Nice to meet you."
  • Morning: "Good morning, ___." 
  • Afternoon: "Hee hee. I'm in a good mood today."
  • Evening: "Hi, ____. Working late? Good for you."


  • "I'm going to my job in the city. See you later."
  • "Phew. It's nice to come home after a hard day's work."
  • "I really love to relax on my days off. Hee hee. What should I do today?"
  • "This is the best place to relax." 
  • At the cafe: "This cafe is so relaxing. Everyone comes here. It's a nice place to have a good chat."
  • At the bazaar: "A lot of people came. How did your store do?"
  • After the bazaar: "A lot of people came. How did your store do?"
  • During a snowstorm: "Snow is pretty and all... But the ice! You can slip and fall on it. It's so dangerous!"
  • During a typhoon: "This is some typhoon. It must be hard to work on a farm in weather like this."
  • Day after a storm: "That was some weather. It's hard to do work in a storm like that. Don't you agree?"
  • After you are married: "Married life seems like so much fun. You look so happy every day. Hee hee."


  • Favorite Gift: "Ah, Citrus Perfume! I really love this! Hee hee. How great. Thank you, ____." 
  • Loved: "Hee hee. Thank you. I like this a lot! You've got pretty good taste."
  • Liked: "Thank you. This is nice."
  • Neutral: "Hmm, that's about a 5 out of 10. I think you should work on your taste."
  • Horror: "This.... Honestly, it makes me pretty angry. Did you mean to give me the thing I hate the most?"
  • Birthday: "Oh, a birthday present? Thank you."
  • Multiple Gifts: "That's too generous. I couldn't take another gift."
  • Declines a gift: "Sigh.... I don't want it. I don't feel like it."

Heart Lines

Note: Freya's heart lines can be seen by speaking to her inside her house (before 7am/after 7pm on weekdays, afternoon during the weekends)

  • Black Heart: "What's up? Do you want something?"
  • Purple Heart: "How's your work? Going well, I hope?"
  • Blue Heart: "I consider myself a pretty career-orientated person. You understand what that's like, right ___?"
  • Green Heart: "I have a lot of job skills... but I always feel like there's always more I can learn."
  • Yellow Heart: "I've got to do some research for work. You want to help me? Just kidding. I know you're busy with the farm."
  • Orange Heart: "Watching you inspires me to work harder. I think that we can challenge each other to bring out the best in us."
  • Red Heart: "You work so hard every day, ___. I really admire your diligence."


  • Before the start of a festival: "Are you excited about today's festival?"
  • You win: "Wow, ____! Congratulations!"
  • You lose: "Don't worry. Just do better next time."

Harmony Day:

  • Boys give to girls: "Oh, for Harmony Day? Thank you, ____. You're sweet. ♥"

Flower Festival:

  • "What are you waiting for? Better get started!"
  • When given a flower: "Oh, for the Flower Festival? Thank you, ____."

Tea/Wine Festival:

  • "Thank you for today."

Cooking Festival:

  • You don't compete: "You should compete next time."

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