Friendship Lines

  • 1: What kind of farm are you aiming to make? Me? I wanna make a farm where you can relax and live life just how you like!
  • 2: _____, did you tear your clothes on something? I see a small hole in them, right there. Housework's like a hobby of mine, so I'll have it stitched up in a jiffy! ...There we go, all done!
  • 3: Aww... I don't have enough to seed the whole field. I s'pose it's important to save money too...
  • 4: Raegar is a really swell guy! Sometimes, when I pass out on the street, he treats me to something delicious when I wake up. ♪
  • 5: People say I'm super optimistic, but I dunno. Am I really? I just think it's better to look for the good than the bad, y'know? If I always felt down, I might miss something good in life.
  • 6: Huh? You're curious what I did before I came here? Consider me a man of mystery with no past! Yeah! I'm not one to look back when I'm busy goin' forward. It'd be boring to admit I was just a regular student. ...Whoops.
  • 7: I'm glad you're a farmer, too. That made it easy to become friends and hang out. I've got a feelin' we'll be friends forever.



Moo-Moo Festival

  • If you lost: Great

job, _____. Today sure was a lot of fun, wasn't it? Results are important, yeah, but it's just as important to remember to have fun! I'm already lookin' forward tot he next time! ♪

  • Cows are always so relaxed and easygoing about everything that hanging around 'em makes me want to take it easy, too.


Fishing Tournament

  • If you lost: Great job, _____. Man, this year's fishing tournament sure was lots of fun, wasn't it? Results are important, yeah, but you've gotta remember to enjoy the chance to go fish! I can't wait for the next year's contest! ♪
  • If he lost: Man, I didn't catch nearly as many fish as I thought I would. I guess I just wasn't quite lucky enough this time. Well, I'm gonna win next time. I can just feel it in my bones!
  • This years fishing tournament sure was fun! Still, I kinda wish we could've kept at least one or two of the fish we caught. The looked tasty.
  • Man, I sure caught a whole bunch of old boots and cans this year. Folks have gotta take better care of their stuff, y'know? And besides, it's totally uncool to throw trash in the river.