The General Store is a store in Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning. It is owned by Hana. Here you can purchase seeds, tools, fertilizer and various other objects. It is not open on Wedesdays and Sundays.

Name Season Price Growth Time Harvests / Times Location
Turnip Spring 210G 4-5 Days Once Soil
Potato Spring 290G 5-7 Days Once Soil
Marguerite Spring 240G 5-7 Days Once Soil
Onion Summer 210G 5-7 Days Once Soil
Tomato Summer 210G 9-13 Days Every 3 Days Soil
Sunflower Summer 440 10-14 Days Once
Red Rose Summer 390G 7-10 Days Once Soil
Grass All Year 20G 2 Days Every Day Soil
Wheat All Year 130G 1 month Once Soil
Lotus All Year 260G 15 Days Once Paddy
Apple All Year 240G 2 Days Every 3 Days Soil

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