Each character will have different things to say depending on the day, weather, season, your friendship level, and your health/status.

Spring: "I'm bracing myself for the new year. I have to make some plans..."

"I can tell it's Spring when I see the flowers in bloom."

Summer: "I hate summer. I hate it because I get heat exhaustion."

"This island gets hit hard by typhoons in the Summer. They're a big worry."

Fall: "Fall weather is quite comfortable."

"If you're going to compete in the Harvest Festival, you should start preparing now."

Winter: "I like the quiet nights during winter."

"Another year is over. That went quick."

Sunny Day: "I don't get why good weather makes people so cheerful. What's the big deal?"

Rainy Day: "I don't like the rain."

Cloudy Day: "The weather is so-so. Well, I suppose it's comfortable."

Snowy Day: "Snow is troublesome. It doesn't do us any good."

Thunderstorm: "I feel depressed when it rains. Probably because the sky is so dark."

Day Before a Typhoon: "There'll be a typhoon tomorrow. Be prepared."

Typhoon: "What a horrible storm. Not much to do but sleep on days like this."

Blizzard: "The snow is horrible. Not much it do but sleep on days like this."

Player Healthy: 

Player Tired: 

Heart Dialogue:


(1) "You can read about each resident in the Town Hall. Come by and take a look sometime."

(2) "If you get lost, just read the signs that you find around. If you want to read about town news and events, check the notice boards."

(3) "Making money is important. But it's more important to know how to use it. Don't spend it on stupid things."

(4) "It's always good to have money. There are things you can only fix with money. Work hard so you have enough savings for emergencies."

(5) "I hope we can build a good school on this island... But it won't be possible without years of planning."

(6) "I feel so cheerful these's odd." (Female only)

"You cannot borrow or lend money without being trusted by others. You can tell a lot about a person just by how they use money." (Male/Married)

(7) "I used to think that money was the most important thing. But now...I think I've met someone who means more to me than money ever could." (Female only)

"Listen, people need to have goals. You should be ashamed of yourself if you live life with no purpose." (Male/Married)

(8) "<Player>... You know, just saying your name makes me feel funny...How strange." (Female only)

"Marriage? I've never thought about it. It'll happen eventually, but I have my hands full with other stuff." (Male/Married)

(9) "Come by everyday so I can see you, <Player>. If you don't, it makes me think.....Uh it's nothing, I'm not worried at all."(Female only)


(10) "I wish we could be together every minute. Actually, that sounds really weird. Forget I said that." (Female only)


Heart Events/Festivals


Friendly Gift: 

If you say thank you (receive ): 

Crush Gift: "Good morning. How are you?" Pulls out Cold Medicine. "If you get sick, it will be a burden to the people around you! So you can have this."

If you say thank you (receive Cold Medicine): Blushes and smiles. "Heh. It's not that I worry about you, or anything." Raises and drops hand. "Just don't overwork yourself, okay?"

Date: "Are you free today? If you are, we can have lunch together." If you say yes: "Okay then. Let's meet at the Sundae Inn around noon. See you then."

Smiles and raises hand in greeting. "Right on time. Let's have lunch then." '"So, how's work? Is it going well?"

If "Yes, of course": '"I'm glad to hear that. Don't work too hard, though."

If "":

"Well, we should get going. It's nice to go out once in a while. We should do this again soon."

Request Event: Sweats nervously and sighs. "Ohhh, what should I do? I can't believe I lost my diary..." Sighs again and crosses his arms, swaying his head in thought and then uncrosses them. "I might've dropped it while I was taking a walk... I don't think I walked outside the town..." Fumes. "...Ohhh, where did I put it...?" Turns around and notices you in shock. "Oh, it's you..." 

"W-were you listening when I was talking to myself just now?"

If "I'll find it for you": Blushes and throws his arms up in protest. "What?! Mind your own business! I don't want you looking through my diary!" Crosses his arms.

If "":

After you return the diary: Takes his diary and blushes. "What?! Y-You didn't read it, did you?" Raises and drops his hand, still blushing. "H-Hmph. I guess I should show my appreciation. Th-Thank you...."

Confession: Do you have a moment, ___? I've got something to tell you.

Smiles and runs his hand through his hair. "Let's meet under Alan's Tree at noon."

Blushes and crosses his arms. "I can't really stop thinking about you..." Uncrosses arms. "So, how would you feel about going steady with me? That is, if you don't have feelings for anyone else, I mean."

If 'I'm delighted': Runs his hand through his hair. "...Hey, good choice. I'm glad you're happy, as well."

"So, where's the blue feather?" Raises and drops his hand. "Heh, just joking. I'll be leaving now. See you again soon."

If 'I can't say the same': 

Proposal: "...Wait! We shouldn't talk about that here! Let's go somewhere private." ♥ "You know that's a blue feather? A blue feather is a marriage proposal. Do you understand that?"

Smiles and blushes before taking the feather, and then runs his hand through his hair. "If you insist, then, uh...I accept. You're so uncertain about everything. I guess you need me, huh?" Chuckles.

(Hamilton)"You're getting married! Is that right? Congratulations!" Pulls out a notebook. "When do you want to have the wedding ceremony? I have some openings around this time..."

Hamilton: "Well then, we will hold the ceremony at the church on ___. On the day of the ceremony, we will be busy with preparations all morning. Please don't be late."

Hamilton: Puts his notebook away. "I'm very much looking forward to it. I heartily congratulate you two. Congratulations!"

Gill: Nods. "Thank you, Father."

Gill: Smiles and blushes, then runs his hand through his hair. "Things are pretty chaotic before the wedding ceremony, aren't they?"

While Engaged: 

Marriage: 'Hamilton: "Gill and ___, do you promise to love and honor each other in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live? ("I do") "'You may now kiss the bride."

Both: Turn to face each other and lean in to kiss. ♥

You'll then appear outisde the Church to be applauded by more of your wedding guests.

Hamilton: "Everybody! Let's give our best blessings and send them off on their new journey in life together!"

Both: Wave at everybody.

Flower Festival: "I like lavender. I find the color and fragrance soothing."

Ocean Festival (Day): "Did you play the stone-skipping game? I think that's a game that both children and adults can enjoy."

Ocean Festival (Night/Fireworks):

Firefly Festival: "Thanks for waiting. Can you see them already? They are certainly beautiful... According to my father, there used to be more. It's strange to think that the ecology of the island has changed that much... ...They're gone now. If we keep the rivers clean, the fireflies can come back next year.

10th Day of Winter: You will receive shortcake and a lavender flower.

Starry Night Festival: 

Marriage Dialogue

Player Passes Out: 

Player Pregnant: 

After Player Gives Birth: 

After Child Learns to Crawl: 

After Child Learns to Walk: 

After Child Learns to Talk: 

After Child Enters Final Stage of Growth: 

New Year's Wish: 

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