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Tot goat


MariaSweeping This article could be cleaned up to make it easier to read.
Purchased From: 3600G at Brownie Ranch

Age at Purchase: Kid (name for a baby goat)

Colors: White

Lifespan: Around 3 Years, eats Fodder

Happiness : Increased by being talked to, brushed, hand-fed, let outside on sunny days, and being milked

Products: Milk - Butter (With the Butter Maker) - Cheese ( With the Cheese Maker)

Product Prices :

Milk: 90G / 110G / 130G / 220G
Butter: 100G / 130G / 180G / 260G
Cheese: 170G / 210G / 290G / 420G

Breeding: Breeds with the Miracle Potion. After that you wait 7 days for a little kid, then 14 more for a fully grown goat.

Interesting Notes:

Goats are your highest profit animal if you ship its milk as cheese.

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