Male Version

  • "Yo, I'm looking for something to eat."
  • "I'm also looking for some wood that I can use. I'ts like I'm a workaholic."
  • "I'm off work today. If you have some work for me, I'll do it tomorrow."
  • "They got me to build the circus big top. Looks good? It does look good if I do say so myself, Bwha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
  • "Well, tomorrow is work again. Call me if you need anything."

At the Blue Bar:

  • "Yo, you having fun too?"
  • "A man's got to let himself go once in a while. Ha-ha-ha!"

Female Version

  • "Today is my day off. If you have a job for me, ask me tomorrow."
  • "That circus shack... I made it on order. I did a good job, didn't I? I personally think I did a great job. Hahahah!"
  • "I also work for Forget-Me-Not Valley now, so I'm really busy. Business is booming."

While working:

  • "Don't worry. It's going great!"
  • "Yo, work is going smoothly."

At the Blue Bar:

  • "Yo. You're drinking too?"
  • "Don't take little sips! Guzzle it all down at once!!"


Male Version

  • Liked: "You didn't have to do that. Thank you so much."

Female Version

  • Loved: "For me? Sorry. Thank you."
  • Liked: "Oh, this really helps! Thank you."
  • Birthday Gift: "Gwhahahaha. A birthday present? Thank you!"


Cooking Contest

  • (male version): "I look forward to this day. I always get really happy this time of year."
  • (male version): "It looks like it's going to begin pretty soon."
  • (female version): "I'm so excited today. I get so excited every year around this time."
  • (female version): "Finally, it's about to start."

Harvest Festival

  • (male version): "This is great! You "Gotz" to have a good time at this festival!"
  • (female version): "That was good. It was worth coming all the way from Mineral Town."

New Years Day

  • (male version): "The thing about rice cake is that it keeps you going."
  • (male version): "For my job, would you say that climbing a mountain on an empty stomach is not good?"
  • (female version): "I like rice cakes because they fill you up. Climbing mountains and stuff makes you hungry, you know?"

New Years Eve

  • (female version): "Ok. Soba noodles are really good for you! Eat as much as you want, ___!"

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