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HM64 portrait gotz
Family Sasha (Wife)

Karen (Daughter)

Appearances HM64, BTN, HMfG, FoMT, MFoMT, DS, Cute
This article is about Gotz from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Gotz in his other appearances throughout the series.

Gotz is a character in Harvest Moon 64.

He owns the vineyard with his wife Sasha, and his daughter is Karen. Karen describes her father as being "lazy" and "unmotivated" as he does not care properly for the vineyard and has let it decline. He is notable for being gruff and difficult to befriend. He likes veryberry fruit but loves wild grapes.

He is almost always found on the vineyard and will frequent the bar. Karen says he used to dance with her when he drank wine. Although he doesn't get along with Karen, he cares very deeply for her. His mood will improve once the vineyard is saved and if the player marries Karen.  

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