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Gulliver's is located in Westown and is open from 10:00 until 18:00 and is closed during typhoons, blizzards, and festivals. It carries general items and Cortez can make bait and expand your bag.


Item Name Price Season Requirements
Hoe 210 G
Watering Can 210 G
Sickle 210 G
Axe 210 G
Hammer 210 G
Fishing Rod 210 G
Cherry Seedling 252 G Fall
Almond Seedling 700 G
Apple Seedling 252 G
Grape Seedling 252 G Fall
Olive Seedling 455 G
Tea Seeds 882 G
Grass Seeds 21 G
Maple Seedling 210 G Fall
White Cloth 896 G
Black Cloth 735 G
Brown Cloth 875 G
Red Cloth 966 G
Yellow Cloth 980 G
Green Cloth 791 G
Blue Cloth 931 G
Mint 84 G
Chamomile 84 G
Lavender 84 G

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