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Gustafa body
Birthday Spring 3rd
Age 28
Rival Nami
Appearances AWL, HMDS
This article is about Gustafa, a character from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Gustafa, a character from Harvest Moon DS.

Gustafa, (グスタファ Gusutafa) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and is a eligible bachelor in the female counterpart.

Gustafa serves as a balance between cheerful, outgoing Rock and painfully shy Marlin; he is something of a loner but also enjoys the company of others. He is a traveling minstrel that came to Forget-Me-Not-Valley for a peaceful place to play the guitar. He has also been searching for a nice place to write a song for a girl that's special to him. His past is a bit unknown, but its rumored that, he once served in the court of an emperor of a distant region.

He acts (and dresses) similarily to a hippy, and enjoys tranquility and nature. He lives off by himself in a small yurt and usually can be found playing his lute. He cares strongly about the environment, and loves the rain. In the mornings, he will usually sit under the tree near his yurt and play the lute. He's very romantic and has a soft side. If you wish to marry him in the female version, you must compete with Nami for his affection. His diary is found between the cushions of his couch inside his yurt.


Likes: Flowers, Milk, "Weird Statue" 

Dislikes: Fish


Gustafa is the only bachelor, and one of the few characters, in game who never ages. It's unknown why this is - but it could be a case of irony on the developers part. Gustafa is often seen as the most unattractive bachelor, and Gustafa himself struggles with self esteem. In Gustafa's song that he sings during his heart events, he refers to himself as the "dwarf" and to your character as the "princess" - and Gustafa feels he's not good enough for you. Even when you ask to marry him, he asks why and seems surprised.

By the end of the game, Gustafa's appearance will be exactly the same as it was the day that you met him.


Gustafa's child isn't as likely to take over the character's farm as Marlin's son will be, but is more likely than Rock's son.

Gustafa's Son (AWL)


Like Nami's son, Gustafa's child will be quiet, gentle, and sensitive. He's very well behaved, and will prefer to stay inside. Much like Gustafa, he's very artistic, and spends most of his time drawing in his sketchbook. He's very observant, and likes colors and shapes. He seems to be afraid of most of the farming tools you show him, but will still venture outside from time to time.

You child won't accept gifts at this stage, but you can show him tools or items to get a reaction out of him, and to sway his interests. This is the most important stage in your son's life to change his personality and interests in the future.

In A Wonderful Life, if you befriend Gustafa, he will increase your child's interest in music and your child might grow up to be a musician instead of running the farm.


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1 Heart (A Wonderful Life): If you go in Gustafa's house at about 10:00 a.m., he will tell you that he found a sickle on the beach and give it to you. This sickle is dubbed "Strange Sickle".

Heart Events

Scene 1

Peaceful Days

Requirement: 1 Red Heart

This Event can be triggered in Spring on a sunny day. Leave your farm, and
you'll spot Gustafa playing his guitar by his yurt. You'll walk over to him,
and he'll ask if you have free time to talk.

1. Sure
2. No

Choose option 1 and Gustafa will comment on how wonderful a day it is. He's
happy that he can play his guitar as long as he likes, the weather is perfect,
and today is just the best day ever. He'll then comment and say that sunny days
that are perfect, like the one today, are rare.

1. No they're not
2. Yup, they are

Choose option 2 and Gustafa will be happy that you understand how he feels. He
will then offer to play a song for you.

1. Listen
2. Don't listen

If you choose option 1 and listen, Gustafa will play the first part of his song
for you.

Scene 2
A Conversation

Requirement: 2 Red Hearts

This Event can be activated in Summer. Walk into Gustafa's tent, where you'll
find Gustafa pacing about, wondering what he could do today. He isn't used to
spending time inside of his house. He'll finally notice you and wonder if you
came to visit him on your free time?

1. Yup
2. Nope

Choose option 1 and Gustafa will be happy, welcoming you inside, and wondering
if you're taking the day off. He'll then tell you that he was wondering what he
could do today as well. He'll explain that he usually spends all of his free
time outside, playing his guitar, singing songs...being a traveling minstrel.
He then offers to spend a while having a long conversation with you.

1. Okay!
2. No

If you choose option 1, the screen will fade out and then fade back in,
signaling the end of their conversation. Gustafa says that talking in his house
with someone else feels refreshing, and he feels at ease surrounded by all of
his instruments.

Gustafa will ask you if you find the valley an interesting place. Gustafa says
that he does because there are so many different people who live their own life
the way they want to. Even the name of the valley appeals to him. He'll ask you
how you feel about it.

1. Say nothing
2. I like this place too

Choose option 2 and Gustafa will be very happy to hear your opinion. He'll tell
you that for some reason, he feels close to you. He will then offer to play you
the second part of his song.

1. Listen
2. Don't listen

Select option 1 and you and Gustafa will go outside, where the second part of
Gustafa's song will be played.

Scene 3
The Walk

Requirement: 3 Red Hearts

This Event can be triggered in the Fall by coming out of your house. Like Nami
had done in the male version of the game, Gustafa will come to your house and
has the urge to look around. He comments on how big it is. He hopes that you
don't mind him barging onto your property without permission. You nod and
Gustafa doesn't seem as worried.

Gustafa states that he would like to go for a walk, and he would like you to
accompany him.

1. Sure
2. No way

Choose option 1 and Gustafa will be thrilled. He wants to walk by the waterfall
and the two of you end up walking by the Spring. Gustafa comments about how
walks like the one you and Gustafa are taking now can only be done on nice days
and that when he was thinking of taking this walk that can only be done on nice
days, the first person he thought to take it with was you! He thinks you're
very reserved, and he likes people like that.

Gustafa asks you if you find the waterfall relaxing.

1. I do
2. I don't

Choose option 1 and Gustafa will ask if it's okay to play the third part of his
song for you.

1. Listen
2. Don't listen

Choose option 1 and you will hear the third part of the song. After the song,
Gustafa will give you a Moon Mist flower as a thank you gift for taking the
walk with him.

Scene 4

Requirement: 4 Red Hearts

Note: This Event only happens at night

This Event can be activated in Fall or Winter. Exit the Inner Inn and you will
see Gustafa walk to the bar. You'll follow him inside. Gustafa asks if you
would like to take a drink with him and you nod automatically. He says that he
really likes the atmosphere of the bar, so he goes to the bar quite often.

Muffy will ask Griffin what they should do after work. Griffin says he has no
idea what they could do, not understanding the the principle of it.

Gustafa suddenly gets an idea and asks if you would like to go stargazing with

1. Sure
2. No

Choose option 1 and you and Gustafa will be standing near the inn, looking up
at the night sky and, well, stargazing. Gustafa asks if you think it's nice, so
you smile and nod. Gustafa will back away by a couple of steps and confess that
he feels he could tell anything to anyone right now.

1. I have no interest
2. Think of something

Gustafa wants to play a song, you know what to do! Listen to the fourth and
final part of Gustafa's song for you.

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After chapter one, befriend Gustafa and visit him in his yurt, and he might give you a drum as a gift. You play it by showing it to other characters and see their reactions. You can give the drum to your child to influence him to be a musician.

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