This article is about Hamilton, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Hamilton, a character from Animal Parade.
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Hamilton is the mayor of Waffle Island, who plays a important role in the beginning of the game.

While on a ship on your way to the island, you talk to Pascal. Pascal asks you why you are coming to the island. You say because of a pamphlet you saw.

Later, you discover Hamilton made that pamphlet. According to Gill, the island has lost its beauty and it was just a lie. Hamilton gives you a tour of the island when you first come. He asks you to stay at Souffle Farm while your house is being built.

Hamilton informs you that your house is finished and that it is rent free and gives you three choices to put your house.

Hamilton will give you the first half of the quilt, will give you the key to the clock tower, and informs you when there is a up coming festival.

Hamilton is the mayor. But, some say that Hamilina, the deceased mayor in the graveyard, was his wife. No one knows whether this is true or a rumor. He does mention his wife on the Thanksgiving Festival if you ask him about cakes, however.



  • Potatoes
  • Miso soup


  • When asking Hamilton about the Clock Tower, if you ask him while he's sitting down in the Sundae Inn, it will zoom in on his face. When the screen moves back, he will be floating in mid air.


  • "Good morning to you."
  • "Good afternoon to you."
  • "Good evening to you."
  • "How are you doing?"
  • "You look good today. That's great."
  • "I like things like antique furniture. I'm always hoping for a lucky find at the Flea Market!"
  • "I want to sell things at the Flea Market, but Gill doesn't want me to."
  • Rival couples get married: "___ and ___ got married. I believe they'll make a wonderful couple."
  • The Mother Tree grows: "This lively, cheerful feeling reminds me of how the island felt when the Mother Tree was alive..."
  • "You can gather lots of information about things like festivals from watching TV or by reading the bulletin board at the town square. You should check them reguarlarly for exicting news!"
  • "This island has many old legends. I think we should do what we can to learn from the stories of our forefathers."
  • Summer: "Sometimes we have typhoons on the island in Summer. Be careful!"
  • Cloudy: "Even when the sky's cloudy, don't get cloudy yourself. Try to cheer up."
  • Art Festival: "I may not seem the type, but I like drawing and looking at pictures. I watch Mastery of Beauty every week!"
  • "New Years Eve means it's the last day of the year. Time to celebrate!"