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This article is about Harvest Goddess, a character from Back to Nature. You may be looking for Harvest Goddess in her other appearances throughout the series.

The Harvest Goddess is the being whose presence governs the nature of Mineral Town in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

You can make offerings to her and in return, you will be rewarded in various ways. You can only summon the Goddess on non-festival sunny days.


The Goddess will accept any crop you can grow on your farm. You must stand directly in front of the waterfall with your back to the waterfall mine opening for it to work. After you've triggered all 3 of these rewards, additional offerings will improve the weather you get.

Power Berry
5 Crops
Scene with your sweetheart (girl with highest affection)
10 crops
Golden Lumber (automatically sold to Gotz for 1000G)
20 crops

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